Thanks to the Dallas Texas Snowmageddon 2015,

Both events I had planned on attending this evening have been rescheduled to next Friday due to inclement weather. I even had to tell my partner there was no way I was driving to Arlington so I could drive to Seagoville for a meeting. I will forever be thankful for that choice because around noon I get a call asking if I left my home because it took THREE hours to get back from the meeting. I’m just at home seeing traffic reports like this:

DFW is shut down.
DFW is shut down.

Ugh, I had to know my mom was in that traffic. My baby brothers were driving around in it. Ugh. So the final hours of the afternoon I was on the phone like some kind of highway traffic control. Then finally spent my best friend come by and took me for an early bowl of Pho at Vietnam. This is as close as Dallas comes to Snowmen.

Caption this.

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Yes, very excited. I drove back and freaked out after going on the Lemmon bridge from uptown to my safe Oak Lawn noticing that nothing on Cedar Springs was closed. However, the two dance events I had planned on are canceled to NEXT FRIDAY.

So since my plans have changed I’m enjoying the following mixes:

Hoping for a clear road Saturday night. Stay safe ya’ll.

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