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Protein pancakes with Bob’s Red Mills

Great way to get protein in first thing in the day is using chocolate chia protein powder.

Super easy! You will need:

  • two eggs
  • One wholebanana
  • 1/3 cup of chocolate chia protein powder
  • Cooking spray

I mixed all ingredients into a magic bullet till it was creamy.

My stove we on medium, then I sprayed with coconut oil.

These come out awesome!

Bob Red Mill’s Protein Powder Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

I’m excited about summer. Hot weather means pool parties every weekend! In Dallas, the weather is already hitting the 3 digits so staying cool is always a way to get a treat. I am a fan of making frozen popsicles at home & keeping them in the fridge so when I get home I have something that is not loaded with sugar and have pieces of real fruit in it.

So now that my popsicles aren’t loaded what can I load them with? PROTEIN! I have partnered up with the Fit Approach and Bob’s Red Mill I did receive protein powders  to try for myself in exchange. All opinions are my own.

I got this awesome variety of powders to try. Bob’s Red Mill products are gluten freeorganic, and have probiotics so they are not just good for you, they are great! After working out I will also want to get protein in & since these had 20 grams of protein, I’ve been using the shaker for the ride home.

Thank you Bob's Red Mill

I tried all of them and my favorite flavor for popsicles is Chocolate as I’m a major chocolate lover.

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 scoop of Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Protein Powder (1/3 cup) with 20 grams of PROTEIN!
  • 1 cup of soy milk (or favorite milk)
  • 1/2 cup of unflavored greek yogurt
  • 6 frozen berries
  • popsicle mold
  • blender
  • large measuring cup

I used a popsicle mold that has a “stick” already so no need to buy sticks.

I took the soy milk, greek yogurt and protein powder into the blender. Blended till it was nearly frothy.

I poured the mixture into a measuring cup with a lip so it would pour easy into the popsicle mold. Of course I did manage to make a small spill!

Then I added some frozen berries to each cup. Remember that liquid expands when frozen so don’t fill to the brim because when you are eating these it will not catch any drip in the holder part.

I put these in overnight. Run warm water to have the popsicle come out clean and not break. ENJOY! I’ve been having these all week – and there is ZERO guilt. I’m eating these because I love myself THAT much.

Here is a coupon so you can save on ANY Bob’s Red Mill product! >> Click to Save <<<

What was your favorite way to keep cool in the summer?




Review/Coupon Code: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bar

I am an ambassador with Fit Approach, I participated in a Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bars campaign. I received free product, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

An extra day in 2016 for Leap Year! An extra day to get something done! I spent today doing extra studying and a couple of errands for my home. This past month I have found that even using a meal planning service is not enough for me. I was spending extra time with my mom and she had other idea about dinner then I would stay with her all day before heading to class for the night. My schedule was all over the place. 

I had two choices: fast food or a hearty bar.

I was sent an apple and chocolate Hemp Heart bar from Manitoba Harvest. Thank you! You can purchase a right now with 15% using code hhbarlaunch1015

Manitoba Harvest Hemp bar

I have all my study materials ready to study but first an apple cinnamon snack!

The night I got my pack to try I had just spent 6 hours at school and was too exhausted to make myself anything to eat since I had to read a chapter before my morning class the next day. I completely tore into the Apple Cinnamon.

Best part about these bars is how filling there are for how small they are. I don’t like a massive chunky even doughy texture like some protein bars have. These bars have 15 grams of fat & 10 grams of protein so they are meal replacements. I didn’t worry about the carbs in the Apple Cinnamon as that was 15 grams. The flavor is rich but not candy bar like. I ate this one around 9:30 PM and didn’t get anything else to eat till 7:30 am the next day. I wasn’t hungry or get a headache. The ingredient list was also very clean and used organic ingredients. That is very important for me since I do not want to get a sugar rush then slump back when I need to be focused.

I tucked the chocolate away for another day.

The other day came.


I want to be able to say that every day I pack a wonderful lunch or that the places around me have great food but that is not where I am. I spent several hours working on a science lab then decide look down and see that my time to work out is here. I could blow off my work out to rush home to get lunch but I end up missing a much needed work out. I reached in my bag & decided to try the chocolate

I’m a major chocolate fan. I love dark, cocoa chocolate. I love flavor. I wasn’t sure if this bar was going to taste like chalk or have that candy bar taste. These bars are thick and are not excessively sweet so unlike ones I’ve previously had which were over priced candy bars. The chocolate has a flavor that feel filling. Both bars contain iron & I had no issues with my tummy or felt bloated afterwards.

I am glad that I was sent these bars as I’ve been looking for one that isn’t made up of entirely so much sugar or carbs. I like how filling they are and provided enough for me to be focused when studying and also as fuel for a workout. 

Want to win a box of Hemp Hearts? Join the photo contest. I found these images on Instagram & loved how full of color they were. Tag @manitobaharvest #hempheartbar #fuelledbyhemp #sweatpink @fitapproach for a chance to win a box of your favorite flavor of Hemp Heart Bars! A winner will be chosen each month and the contest is open to Canadian and American residents over the age of 18.

 This is perfect time to bulk buy as Manitoba Harvest is giving a discount code for 15% off. Use code hhbarlaunch1015 while shopping at Use now as the code expires in March 31, 2016.

Much respect to all my college students trying to make sure to keep the nutrition in check. Crazy thing is I have a project due today and found out I can’t get my access code I need for that project. I’ve contacted my bookstore and the publisher with no help so I’m going to turn SOMETHING in so I don’t fail.

What is your favorite go-to snack? Do you prefer apple cinnamon over chocolate?



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Andes Burger from Dallas South American themed Nazca Kitchen

NAZCA Kitchen Andes Burger

One of my favorite places to stop by for a bite is Nazca Kitchen off of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway in Dallas, TX. I’m have this undeniable lust of pairing quinoa with anything, here quinoa is paired with a burger.

I like to order something I never had so it was the Andes Burger! This comes with “premium Kobe beef” then avocado mash makes it the best, rococo cheddar cheese and it is served on an “Amazon Crunch Bun.” I asked the server if it was a big burger, for the price of $13.50 – it sounded like a big burger. The server said it was a “good sized burger” so I asked to have my burger cut in half.

Glad I made that choice because it was huge!

What is an Amazon Crunch Bun? This, this is that bun!

What is an Amazon Crunch Bun? This, this is that bun!

I did not notice anything different about the bun that I’ve never had before. The burger was amazing and the avocado on the inside made it just even better. I ate just half of this before moving on the Quinoa Salad, a side that I decided to choose.

Quinoa salad with broccoli and sliced olives

This side could easily be a meal it was bigger!

The salad is quinoa tossed in a “tahini glaze with broccoli, tomato, feta & pipettes, peppers, eggs, onions, pecans and olives.” It sounds like a lot but it tastes like so much more. It comes with a yellow sauce but I have never eaten anything with that sauce. I did dip my fork in it for a taste but it was not anything that could add to this salad.

Eat this entire burger and you will need to take a nap!

Eat this entire burger and you will need to take a nap!

I ordered my burger medium rare. If I ever get this again I would want more tomato and lettuce and less bun. I’m not a fan of excessive carbs. I did start to feel like I would need a cap so I ordered a coffee at the end of the meal.

I would split this with a friend next time because I ate the other half for dinner that night and it is $13.50 which is higher end for just a lunch meal while shopping on a Saturday. Nazca has a posh ambience and is a great place to catch up with a friend and the food has never disappointed me.

What place has your favorite burger?


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Lunch Review: Worst Item to Order at a Pub

worst items to order at a pub

This is completely my fault. First I had never heard anything about JR Bently’s, then I didn’t read the menu first and of course I never order pub food. The only reason I did not get Fish & Chips is because I don’t regularly eat fried food.

So the situation just started off wrong.

I was asked to come have lunch as a portion of the proceeds would go toward Arlington Proud and then for charity I always order higher priced items. We even got an appetizer! Some of this money we’re spending goes for a good cause!

chips & salsa

Hate it when I’m too hungry to wait for food

I really had no business ordering salsa from a pub. This was my fault, I was just hungry. Not terrible, but not great. It was fine. I’m not used to fine salsa. My mom makes one of the most amazing salsas and most of the time I never order chips & salsa out of pure respect.


Fancy salad

Iceberg lettuce. The cheese made up for it? I didn’t order any ranch because I didn’t want empty calories.

Medium Rare Stake, loaded backed potato

Straight up cut from the cow tossed on the grill

I ordered on the side for the bake potato but it was on top. Already disappointed I just asked for the A1, there was no rub or marinate. The baked potato made up for everything. Ordering the toppings on the side was a bad move anyways, I ate all of it.

Burger & fries

Greasy and pub worthy

THIS IS WHAT I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED! Aaron Rockabitch just ordered what you order at a pub and let me have a taste and now I know. I also did not order any alcohol. I should have just went to Sweet Tomato and ordered an Arlington Proud hoodie.


Have you ever tried to avoid a certain food then end up eating a less than appetizing meal?

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Quito, Ecuador: Put this in your mouth and love it!

The moment my plane ticket for Quito, Ecuador was purchase the first thing I thought of what the great food that I would get.

Wonderful things to put in your mouth!

Wonderful things to put in your mouth!

In morning I went to a central market and got fresh juice, Jugo natural. I decided on the carrot juice. Look at all these wonderful fresh made juice. I had to ask for “sin azucar” – without sugar – because the vendor will add it without asking. Price for a glass of fresh juice at this location? 50 cents.

Some tourist don’t like when vendor get on the buses to sell food and drinks so I look forward to it. This is called “chochos con toastados” It roasted corn, bean, red onion, fried banana, a wedge of limo and small bag of salt. This is a snack size and only 50 cents.

I even got juice at this market that my aunt works at.

Caldo de manguera

A vendor making torta de tiesto.

Lick it: NTrain free download mix

Funky, Groovy house

Fort Worth: Panther City Productions hosted an event at Tie Thai Restaurant. I went last month & had a great time. It’s really nice, what I’d like to do is show up early & have Thai dinner, kitchen closes at 10 PM. DJ Ntrain opened up, heres a mix YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IF YOU LOVE FUNKY HOUSE. RSVP & more details of this at the event facebook page.

This is a free download.

Follow Panther City Productions Facebook page for future events in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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