Big Chris’ 48th Birthday Bash
Atrium Obscurum
www.atriumobscurum.comOur friend and long-time member of psychedelic trance community, Big Chris, is turning 48. He has asked Atrium Obscurum to host his party for him, and he invites you all to join us and celebrate together. All the artists represented here were hand-picked by Chris to navigate us through this action packed, fun-filled weekend. Prepare for good times with great music and awesome people.

Musical Pleasures provided by…..

Fractal Cowboys *Live* [Tantrumm Rec/Alpha Centauri] Cali’ baby

Dylalien [JellyFish Frequency Rec/Trance Avengers] Cali’ baby

Hyperziio/Earth Air Fire Water [Discordia Crew] Mexico

ekimskriD [Datavore/Anomalistic Rec] Iowa

Moondoggy [Galactic Crew/Fractalterraists] Oklahoma

PSYONIC – [Those People, Dharmaharmony, Nerdy Psouth] – Nashville, TN

The Martyrs [Cosmic E.G.G/Anomalistic Rec] Wisconsin

Aeon [Atrium Obscurum/East Side Psy/Astral Tribe] Texas

Apophenia [Atrium Obscurum] Texas

Atum [Astral Tribe] Texas

Catfish [Astral Tribe] Texas

Crpytosys [Wiquid Liquid Rec/Pinealiens] Texas

DubTilDawn [Atrium Obscurum/East Side Psy] Texas

Herbert Quain [Absolut Shit] Texas

James “Nobody” Meadows [East Side Psy/Astral Tribe] Texas

J5 [Atrium Obscurum] Texas

Klapton [Atrium Obscurum/Optiphonic] Texas

Mahesh [(22/7-n)/Resurrection Project] Texas

Murcielago [Wiquid Liquid Rec/Pinealiens] Texas

Nivlem [FYB/Pinealiens] Texas

Opie aka Markos [Astral Tribe / Morningside Tribe]

SoundShaman [TranceGalactic Express] Texas

Uhm [Atrium Obscurum/Anomalistic Rec] Texas

Vampyromorpha [Shiva Shakti] Texas

VuDuJuJu [Atrium Obscurum] Texas

Flyer design by…
Eckoe [Ultimae] Cali’ baby

The birthday shindig is going down at Armadillo Acres. For directions

Armadillo Acres offers lush greens, wild berries, thick wooded areas, and enough creatures to shake a stick at. There’s an abundant of room for camping, over 200 acres of land to explore, a fresh water stream for taking a refreshing dip, as well as quick access to grocery and hardware stores. Please visit their website for pictures of the land to get informational updates about the venue.

Located 10 minutes driving distance from the venue is Daingerfield State Park. This park has a man-made lake for swimming. Entry to the park is $3/per adult.

Camping info….
Armadillo Acres is what you might call primitive camping. There aren’t any electrical outlets, built-in grills, or showers.

This is a 100% Leave No Trace gathering. Please pack out what you pack in, and be proactive towards keeping your campsite clean. For more info regarding Leave No Trace please visit If you are a smoker then please deposit your butts in a reusable tin or your back pocket. No fires are allowed unless you are using a burn barrel which is available upon request.

All those silly, crazy, ooh la-la, somewhat blingy, quite colorful, beautiful, under-sized, and over-sized psychedelic décor pieces provided by Atrium Obscurum & Friends.

Live Art…
Wanderweird [CO]

The beats will be amplified and broadcasted out courtesy of our wonderful neighborhood sound company Raid5/Show-Tech Productions.

What to bring…
Water – 2 gallons per day/per person
Reusable cup from home for community water
Trash bags
Toilet Paper
Paper towels/wet wipes/toilet paper
Towel for swimming
First aid kit
Change of shoes/socks
Cash for vending
Hula hoops/poi
Tent/blanket/pillow/air mattress/chairs
Canopy/tarp to cover your tent – keeps it cooler in the sun & dry if it rains

***There won’t be any food vending, so please plan accordingly***

How to play a role…
As always we are going to be building an altar as a place with which to focus the energy of the weekend. We encourage everyone to bring something to place on the altar – crystals, flowers, pictures; anything that has positive energy in it. Whether it’s from the earth or from you doesn’t matter. What matters is the intent.

Dance, mingle, dance, mingle, and dance some more! And of course be sure to say heyyyyyyyy to the birthday boy 😀

Gate Hours…
The front gate will open be open on Friday from 12PM(noon) – 2AM. Saturday the gate will be open from 12PM-12AM. DO NOT, and we stress, DO NOT show up after gate hours. The main gate will be locked, and no one will be present to let you in until possibly noon.

Ins/Outs will be allowed only Saturday during the hours of 12PM-7PM. If you return after 7PM you will be charged a $10 fee per person to re-gain entry, so be sure to be back by 7PM 😀

Age & Cost…
18+ with valid photo ID
under 18 allowed when accompanied by a legal guardian, and we do mean accompanied. Phone-in or written permission is not sufficient.

The aural buffet charge is…
$30 for all weekend
$20 Saturday

If you have any questions, then please email Atrium Obscurum at

**Disclaimer: We are in no way liable for anything stemming from or relating to contact, in any manner, with aliens, machine elves, or cross-dimensional beings of any sort. Contact only happens through free will; it has nothing to do with us.