Lunch Review: Worst Item to Order at a Pub

worst items to order at a pub

worst items to order at a pub

This is completely my fault. First I had never heard anything about JR Bently’s, then I didn’t read the menu first and of course I never order pub food. The only reason I did not get Fish & Chips is because I don’t regularly eat fried food.

So the situation just started off wrong.

I was asked to come have lunch as a portion of the proceeds would go toward Arlington Proud and then for charity I always order higher priced items. We even got an appetizer! Some of this money we’re spending goes for a good cause!

chips & salsa
Hate it when I’m too hungry to wait for food

I really had no business ordering salsa from a pub. This was my fault, I was just hungry. Not terrible, but not great. It was fine. I’m not used to fine salsa. My mom makes one of the most amazing salsas and most of the time I never order chips & salsa out of pure respect.

Fancy salad

Iceberg lettuce. The cheese made up for it? I didn’t order any ranch because I didn’t want empty calories.

Medium Rare Stake, loaded backed potato
Straight up cut from the cow tossed on the grill

I ordered on the side for the bake potato but it was on top. Already disappointed I just asked for the A1, there was no rub or marinate. The baked potato made up for everything. Ordering the toppings on the side was a bad move anyways, I ate all of it.

Burger & fries
Greasy and pub worthy

THIS IS WHAT I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED! Aaron Rockabitch just ordered what you order at a pub and let me have a taste and now I know. I also did not order any alcohol. I should have just went to Sweet Tomato and ordered an Arlington Proud hoodie.


Have you ever tried to avoid a certain food then end up eating a less than appetizing meal?

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  1. Kyleigh Wegener

    I usually order chicken tenders. Bars and pubs have the best chicken and French fries. I know I look like a 12 year old ordering it but I don’t care. It’s delicious!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      I agree. I know their menu had some gems on them – the fried foods! I tasted a fry on Aaron’s plate & it was even well seasoned.

  2. Natalie @ A Fit Philosophy

    hehe, you crack me up girl! I really had no business ordering salsa from a pub – quote of the day for sure 🙂 Great blog!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Yes! Lesson learned! Glad to crack you up.

  3. Becky @ Disney in your Day

    The burger definitely looks a lot better than the steak! I had crab cakes at a pub once and they were just awful. They tasted super fishy and not anything like crab at all. It’s one of the few times in my life I actually sent a dish back.

    1. Ally Fiesta

      I should have sent it back – but this meal was to raise money. Next time I’m sending a check. 🙂

  4. Marissa

    It can be hard to order a good lunch at some, if not most, pubs!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      I know, I’m not a fan of pub food in general. I’ve had friends from London tell me how amazing their fish & chips are.

  5. My Desert Love Designs and Blog

    That was a really fun review! I totally agree at the very end – burger and fried all the way when it comes to pub food! Steak – you only get the bare nitty-gritty and salad?! Yep – iceberg. So funny!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Yes, a lesson has been learned! Also I left you a note if you had heard about the burro lady passing away in January?

  6. Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla

    HA! Those are absolutely true! I feel like a lot of restaurants treat their steak like that as well unless the picture shows something on it, lol. Guess we should start bringing brown bags to work again 😀

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Ha! I haven’t brought a brown bag for lunch since middle school!

  7. kellyharrold

    That’s so true! It’s such a hit or a miss when ordering a salad at a bar. Better luck next time!