Filming in Dealey Plaza for 11/22/63

Dealey Plaza Instagram

While a majority of posts I’ve read on social media are geared toward how sexy the producer of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 I’ve been excited about various instagram posts of Dealey Plaza.

Today I was headed to do some shopping in Oak Cliff I got stuck in the traffic nearly Dealey Plaza. I was annoyed because the shop I was headed towards closes at 7 PM so I flipped my situation and took some pictures. This one came out:

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I found this video being reposted, from metsyc, on the gram and thought it was extremely creepy to watch. Last week I heard a presentation about visiting the JFK memorial and surrounding area so I watched several clips of the shooting on 11/22/63. Here is a more closer view of what was filmed from @delavannyjocruz:

I snuck into a room in the 6th Floor Museum and had a front row view all to myself but then they caught me and I had to go. Ignore my mumbling lol #JFK #JamesFranco #DealyPlaza #Dallas #112263 A video posted by Pilot (@delavannyjocruz) on

I’m not even a fan of cars but I know a sexy automobile when I see it.

Visited the set of Stephen King’s ’11/22/63′ today in Dealey Plaza! This is a shot of Elm St. filled with old cars and at the top of the photo you can see where the crew added a makeshift window on top of the book depository building to film the gunman through since the real sixth floor window cannot be opened anymore #112263 #dealeyplaza #danieldriensky #filmset #jfk #stephenking #sixthfloormuseum

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I’m looking forward to seeing what the cast wears for the movie! I am SUCH a fan of clothing from this period. I used to dig for hours in thrift stores just to find the perfect dress.

I wanna be a movie extra! #dealyplaza #whereisjamesfranco #JFKminiseries11 A photo posted by Nan Jiang (@april_nan_jiang) on

Like this!

#downtowndallas at #dealeyplaza was like time traveling today! #112263 #jamesfranco #stephenking

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  Great shot of the car JFK was in during the motorcade from @leslie_kayk

Filming 11.22.63 • If I could go back in time, the 50s and 60s is definitely a time I’d like to see • #vsco #socality #socalitydallas #instadfw #classiccar #jfkminiseries #thatsdarling #liveauthentic #livefolk #dallas #dealyplaza #jfkmemorial #112263 #downtowndallas #scoutdallas #exploredallas #vscocam A photo posted by Leslie Kay K (@leslie_kayk) on

@texmexrafa got a couple more angle shots of the presidential looking automobile.

Doing business downtown and ran into this beauty #jfklimo #jfk #dealyplaza #dallas #stephenking #jamesfranco #filming

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So glad I wasn’t actually there during filming, if I would have heard a gun shot – I would have flipped. Watch this creepy clip:

We went for a walk downtown tonight and thought we saw a parade…I don’t think it was a parade. #stephenking #jfk #Dallas #JamesFranco #112263 #miniseries #dealeyplaza #houstonstreet #elmstreet #Kennedy #texas #president #potus A video posted by Jeff Lampkin (@jefflampkin) on

And of course here is a Dallas PD car! You know how the department auctions off old cars? I would take this one. Then turn on the lights when traffic is too thick!

#112263 #jamesfranco watching a little filming #Dallas #jfk #dealyplaza

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Have you ever been on set of a historical movie being shot? Or stuck in traffic while they were shooting a film? I’m enjoy history and since I had just heard about the JFK memorial last week these instagrams came at a great time for me to review the entire historical event.

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  1. Living in Hollywood, there is filming EVERYWHERE… And considering man-friend is an actor and so are a bunch of my friends, yep, been on lots of sets before – It’s incredible what can be done on set. Although I have to say, since moving to LA, my movie experience has kinda been ruined, HA HA!

  2. kellyharrold says:

    This is really cool!