Quito, Ecuador: Put this in your mouth and love it!

The moment my plane ticket for Quito, Ecuador was purchase the first thing I thought of what the great food that I would get.

Wonderful things to put in your mouth!
Wonderful things to put in your mouth!

In morning I went to a central market and got fresh juice, Jugo natural. I decided on the carrot juice. Look at all these wonderful fresh made juice. I had to ask for “sin azucar” – without sugar – because the vendor will add it without asking. Price for a glass of fresh juice at this location? 50 cents.

Some tourist don’t like when vendor get on the buses to sell food and drinks so I look forward to it. This is called “chochos con toastados” It roasted corn, bean, red onion, fried banana, a wedge of limo and small bag of salt. This is a snack size and only 50 cents.

I even got juice at this market that my aunt works at.

Caldo de manguera

A vendor making torta de tiesto.

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  1. Ahhh!! I would so love to go to Quito someday! All that food looks delicious, and yay for fresh juice!! What were the other options other than carrot? :O!

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