Sunday Fiesta Sounds: what I found hot this week on Soundcloud

Fall Silently by Temporal ft. Veela

Just beautiful dubstep track from – which was refreshing given how many tracks I’ve come across are tear out let’s-get-drunk types. Ha ha, which are great & all but gets old quick.


Mr Bird – Salthill & Sugar

Rapper’s Delight is a personal favorite of mine. Then with this arrangement comes out –  well it really stood out this week. Sing alone because everyone knows the words.


This is a preview from the entire album – which is over at bandcamp (click here) I love me some straight up ragga so its there. Towards the end it’s that heavy sounding dubstep that inspires me to get vodka and ice. (I really like tear out dubstep when I’m drunk. Anyone else? ha ha!)

BETA – Radio (Dirty Ganesh Rmx)

This sounds sick. Even more so because it’s a remix of Mexican band BETA. Just makes me want to start up a Spanish glitch band. Wow, knowing Spanish comes in really handy sometimes!

What stood out to you this week musically?


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  1. Nick

    Nic Fanciulli is the jam… I got some of his original techno tracks that I’ll be dropping at Embodied Awakening.

  2. {jordan concords|

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