The Master Your Money Bundle

woman with book
I know I am ready to master my money in 2023!

This is such a great investment, and you will be able to have wins from a single product the first time you get into the product. All of the items are 98% off for a limited time and then after that you will have to pay the full price of $2,571.71 instead of $47 today This sale is only till January 25th at midnight that is why the price is so low.

This year’s product list is in several categories:

Budgeting & Managing Money
Business & Taxes
Family & Finances
Making More Money
Producing It Yourself
Saving Money on Entertainment
Saving Money on Food
Tracking & Planning Your Finances

I decided to say yes to changing my money mind set, learning how to management money intentionally with my partner, how to simplify my bills and to price my works. Below are 4 of the products that I am diving into first. You can see the whole list here

18 eBooks
25 eCourses
1 Membership Site
18 Printables
4 Templates
1 Webinar
4 Workbooks
That is 71 products worth $2571.36

I bought the bundle earlier this week and opened up to the first course and the first module had a link. I checked that link and was able to find over $150 that I can get back. I was able to pay for this course using it less than 15 mintues! You can also upgrade and save more time with the bundle with the Master Your Monday bundle Cheat Sheets.

This is the year to look past the struggles and use all the tools that these experts put together to reach your goals. Yes, you can find and piece together your own bundle but save time and start today with maximizing the income you do have, finding new income streams and even save on entertainment such as saving $1,000 for a Disney vacation.

Three FREE bonuses are included when you buy 1/20/23 by midnight worth $110. All the details are: here

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