Throwback: Reprazent New Forms 1997.

It has been nearly 20 years since this album came out and I STILL to this very day completely changed my life! Listening to this album now, I feel how timeless it is and still have a quality about it that can always have me jam out. I have purchased this several times in CD, downloaded a track here, a friend got me remixes on vinyl, everyone know sings Heroes by heart. None of us know what “Shidoobeedoo, beda, bedaii, Shidoobeedoo, da, down da down” even means but we say it every time.

New Forms Roni Size and and Reprazent

Earlier today I shared this and some people had never heard of Roni Size! Take a listen now.

Roni Size Reprazent Newforms

Listen to New Forms2 by Roni Size and Reprazent on YouTube

Even better take a look at the music videos!
Brown Paper Bag


Also I shared this on twitter & Roni Size responded so I had a major fan moment: I felt like I had won the Super Bowl. As a major fan of this album, I enjoyed reading this track by track notes from Roni Size on

If I ever lost my current copy of this album, I will buy it again. I will probably give it to my unborn children as a gift like, “Here child, this is why your mother is so amazing.” I’ve also bought the 2008 remixes.

Do you have an album that you always buy?

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