90 day Social media detox

Social Media break

It has been two weeks since I decided to take a 90 day break from social media. I have my social accounts active but my mentor suggested this will benefit me on goals for 2019.

Reasons why:

The algorithm is trash. I have gotten tired of attempting to figure it out how to get my content in front of my targeted demographic, getting shadow banned and paying for sponsored posts.

Time for meal prep, gym & review. I spend two sessions a week on meal prep, two hours a day working out and then I log and review what I’m doing. Also I research new recipes, fitness events and health studies.

Work on website content. I started out online with a blog and really enjoyed creating more content than a single face status update, 160 character tweet or images that no longer matter once the next image is posted.

Focus on completing online courses not completed. I’m constantly learning but experiencing information overload so I have skimmed through content instead of fully understanding it.

Ally Fiesta’s 90 day social media detox:

1. No accounts will be deleted. I have back links from my accounts to HydroSupraLicked. Ended up deactivating my account temporarily last night.

2. Still use email and phone. I’ve checked to make sure those I WANT to contact me have my most current and direct line. Fb messenger and WhatsApp are being used as well since I have friends and family internationally. Lovely to note I can have a deactivated fb account but still keep messenger.

3. Weekly newsletter/blog posts. I love my website! Lick it or leave it.

4. Streamline auto posting of blog updates to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So I will still have a presence on socials.

5. Remove apps from my iPhone & block websites via Screentime.

6. Use blocker tool, SelfControl, to not log onto socials on my MacBook. I used this in college and it fully works!

14 days in and I’ve been especially productive. January is the month I have to complete loose 2018 projects and begin budgeting for events coming up. I am a private person and it’s beautiful not knowing where I’m going to be since I don’t use social media invites to guide me. It’s all just who contacts me directly to spend time with me. 2019 has been a VIP experience.

My obsession with the human brain.

I am reviewing how this experience is going to be effecting my brain. I’ve already gone through quitting cigarettes, stop using all narcotics and don’t binge drink so this is another level of rewiring my brain.

First week I kept looking for the apps on my phone. Last weekend I straight up cried because I have no idea what’s going on. Then I realized: no one has anything idea what’s going with me unless they are directly working with me. This means coming out in April, the product will come out even more dramatic.

Subscriptions to newsletters is keeping me up to date on events. You can subscribe to HSL’s newsletter. 🙃

Have you ever considered doing a social media detox?

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