Snow Day Santaland at Galleria Mall Dallas Texas

Who is ready to take a trip to the North Pole and visit Santa Claus?

Santa has such a cute personality. He was willing to let me have my present early this year and didn’t make sure which list I was on.

I was invited to VIP day before the opening of 2021’s SNOWDAY Dallas at the Galleria mall. This is an all-ages friendly fully immersive experience filled with photo ops and surprises.

Where and What is Snow Day Santaland

Park in the blue parking as Santaland entrance is next to the Banana Republic.
Tickets for Snowday and Santaland are on the website:
This will include entry, line skip, family package options, prints for photos, and a private hour option. You are going to want this Santa picture.

This experience is breathtaking every year thanks to the combined work between Bayer Brothers and MOTUS. Bayer Brothers Sets has 50 combined years of experience creating sets for commercial still and video photography, events large and small, and unique guest experiences. MOTUS creates interactive photo booths and much more.

This enchanting experience is also heightened with the help of elves and of course Santa’s helper which will take a wonderful picture with Santa.

Hope you enjoy your experience at Snowday and Santaland!

How to style for video and photos at Snow Day and Santaland

I am familiar with SnowDallas so I knew to avoid wearing any bright colors since I had no idea what the rooms would be styled. I went with a white sweater and black leggings and fur boots. Staying with neutrals will be helpful. I also like a pop of color: outfit linked here. Layla and I did not plan to matching outfits. I realized that we are both wearing black, white, and red! It worked out well.

For this picture with Santa, an elf took the picture and I absolutely adore it! However, if you want to wild out and wear UV reactive something – I am so down to see how it turns out.

The level of holiday cheer in this picture! I sent this to my mom as soon as I downloaded it.

Hacks for great photos when using the photo booths with wrist bands

  • To use the photo booth you will activate each camera with a wrist band that is given when you arrive.
  • There will be a count down on the screen so it is helpful to not have someone funny cracking you up during this time.
  • Do have someone use the wrist band to activate the camera while you adjust your hair, pull up your britches, anything to BE READY. (If you come alone, which I do, I just ask someone. This is Texas and people are extra friendly.)
  • Do not be scared to take a couple of extra pictures! I need like several takes myself.
From a photo booth in the town area
Walking in a winter wonderland! This snow-lined walkway is perfect for showing off your holiday best.

Tips for photos with iPhone

  • Use video and take screenshots for photos (it is hard to take pictures when things are in motion. I like to go back and get that perfect shot)
  • Get into each room, this is interactive! I found that playing in each room and with main character energy creates a fun and casual photo.
  • When taking pictures of friends with iPhone, you can Airdrop to each other afterwards. This ensures the high quality media is shared!
  • If you have a handhelp LED light, this will be helpful in the enchanted forest area.
  • Use the superwide view build to capture the street view or wider scenes.
The ultimate lighting to get your holiday spirit ready.
Yahtzee game in RV
Who wants to play Yahtzee?! Don’t worry I am not a national champion.
Cute balloon display at the entrance next to the Banana Republic.
Taking a train ride to the North Pole. Learning the history of this magical place from the conductor!
My new part-time gig as a bartender in Santaland. Who needs a glass?
Off we go to the North Pole via magical train
Off we go to the North Pole via magical train

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