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90 day Social media detox

It has been two weeks since I decided to take a 90 day break from social media. I have my social accounts active but my mentor suggested this will benefit me on goals for 2019.

Reasons why:

The algorithm is trash. I have gotten tired of attempting to figure it out how to get my content in front of my targeted demographic, getting shadow banned and paying for sponsored posts.

Time for meal prep, gym & review. I spend two sessions a week on meal prep, two hours a day working out and then I log and review what I’m doing. Also I research new recipes, fitness events and health studies.

Work on website content. I started out online with a blog and really enjoyed creating more content than a single face status update, 160 character tweet or images that no longer matter once the next image is posted.

Focus on completing online courses not completed. I’m constantly learning but experiencing information overload so I have skimmed through content instead of fully understanding it.

Ally Fiesta’s 90 day social media detox:

1. No accounts will be deleted. I have back links from my accounts to HydroSupraLicked. Ended up deactivating my account temporarily last night.

2. Still use email and phone. I’ve checked to make sure those I WANT to contact me have my most current and direct line. Fb messenger and WhatsApp are being used as well since I have friends and family internationally. Lovely to note I can have a deactivated fb account but still keep messenger.

3. Weekly newsletter/blog posts. I love my website! Lick it or leave it.

4. Streamline auto posting of blog updates to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So I will still have a presence on socials.

5. Remove apps from my iPhone & block websites via Screentime.

6. Use blocker tool, SelfControl, to not log onto socials on my MacBook. I used this in college and it fully works!

14 days in and I’ve been especially productive. January is the month I have to complete loose 2018 projects and begin budgeting for events coming up. I am a private person and it’s beautiful not knowing where I’m going to be since I don’t use social media invites to guide me. It’s all just who contacts me directly to spend time with me. 2019 has been a VIP experience.

My obsession with the human brain.

I am reviewing how this experience is going to be effecting my brain. I’ve already gone through quitting cigarettes, stop using all narcotics and don’t binge drink so this is another level of rewiring my brain.

First week I kept looking for the apps on my phone. Last weekend I straight up cried because I have no idea what’s going on. Then I realized: no one has anything idea what’s going with me unless they are directly working with me. This means coming out in April, the product will come out even more dramatic.

Subscriptions to newsletters is keeping me up to date on events. You can subscribe to HSL’s newsletter. 🙃

Have you ever considered doing a social media detox?

Leave it: Demon cats

See? They wait till you are dreaming of getting a dog!

See? They wait till you are dreaming of getting a dog!

I’ve been waiting to get a pet for a long time now. I had even a deposit on a black pug but learned how the breed wasn’t able to run for long or else I would have to carry it. I even looked at cute pug clothes and pug slings to carry my new baby pug. However, knowing that I’m moving in May I decided to wait till I got a backyard for a more active puppy.

Recently a friend asked if I wanted a cat. I was like, “Perfect, I don’t have to be home the first month and I can just pet it and love it and make sure it doesn’t go outside!” Then I saw the cat – it had a demonic voice.

Just like these!

I just kept thinking of how that sound would wake me up at night and all these evil spirits would pour into my home. I already have had to eat differently just so I can be around cats, now I’m going to have to do weekly spiritual cleanings? (My mom would probably recommend that I do that anyways.) The noise sounds too dramatic for me.

However! Look at how cute pugs are when they get mad!

Awww, sweet baby just wants to go out and play! Look at his sweet heart eyes! So cute just playing on the patio! I can’t deal with this. So cute.

This pug sounds pretty upset but still! That tail is curled up and ready to bounce. Even his mommy can pick him up and worry the pug is going to give a demonic spirit curse.

Now this upsets me because they are trying to take that pug’s ball away! Omg, mama that’s so messed up, how you gonna give baby a ball then make daddy try to take it away. Oh, I’d be so mad too. I’m glad that Zoe pug has the other pugs back and stepping up to make sure the ball is secure.

In conclusion, pugs > cats.

I am still not sure what kind of puppy I’ll be getting when May comes around.

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Now I will never feel the same way about Dallas again.

Kastle will be performing tonight in Dallas at It’ll Do.


Hola, it’s me! Ally Fiesta!

I’ve had this blog format of HydroSupraLicked for nearly 3 years. I have been excited to share awesome music, reviews and interviews with producers and djs who I think are amazing. I definitely have talked to new ones that are passionate about sharing their music in the future!

In the mean time, I’ve taken on a new role as a contractor for a non-profit and decided what my favorite aspect of blogs that I read is: the personal voice. I haven’t done this much in the past 3 years and when I first started HydroSupraLicked it was intensely personal. The type of interaction I received when doing e-zine and therapeutic photography sessions became too much so I had to change it up to just party photos.

Love how that is coming full circle and now I am able to share what I’m enjoying currently and spreading information about flow fitness, bad ass music as well as having a platform for my favorite musicians, performers and community leaders to be featured on.

The new HydroSupraLicked is still mostly a blog however, I’ll be more of Ally Fiesta instead of a name-less poster. I also was accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador and will be including how to incorporate flow arts into your fitness WHICH HAS TOTALLY BEEN A LIFE CHANGER FOR ME.

FitFluential Is Fitness Found

Look forward to new changes and being able to share the awe-inspiring rest of 2014!

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Buy this now: Hamonious Discord 039 Onium – Immix EP


It was announced from the Harmonious fb page that Onium would have an EP on the 8th. IT IS NOW OUT! I’m super excited about Onium as he focuses on his production to the point that I really just started bugging him about details. I’m a fan of the echoing, orphic percussion he has brought me this past year. I had to ask Stephen Moon how long he has been producing.

“I have only been into Dub Techno for about 2 years. I stumbled upon a mix, got hooked, then wrote/named Comastate, my first released dubby Techno tune, the night before John Walkers accident. I sat on it for months before sending it to Sean Anderson [at Hamonious Discord], it felt too weird to think about doing something with it at that time.”


Piped has a spot as it starts off with cavernous echoes which build up the beat. It’s like landing on a minimal dub planet and looking around. Each track feels like it’s a part of the next scene, as the percussive elements seamlessly come and go as filtered pads march the brain into a minimal dance. Sharing Light has the shimmering, trance-inducing effect that ends up become more of a mesmerizing dance floor experience.


Dark minimal techno dub engineered soundscapes with dance floor infused throbbing ends. I look forward to hearing Onium playing out more often as there is just not enough of this sound in Dallas.

Already Andrew Duke  has played Opslo (Bleupulp rx) on his show, in Halifax NS Canada – 88.1FM

Follow Onium on Soundclound / Facebook Next schedule gig will be Council in Texas.


Lick it: Dancing Freedom Embodied Leadership with Lydia Hikari Marolda

Lydia at Rainbow Serpent Festival - Beaufort

Lydia at Rainbow Serpent Festival – Beaufort

Extremely excited about this weekend in Dallas, TX! Two reasons. I get to visit the brand new Divine Sight Healing Arts Center.

I have known Lydia for so long I’m not sure exactly when I met her. However, dancing with her on various dance floors in Texas makes this weekend extra special as she has moved to Australia. The first time I took her Dancing Freedom workshop was at Art Outside just before she moved away a couple years ago. Dancing has a very special place in my life as I have used that form of movement to wake up the parts of me that are human. Of course, I was like every little girl and took a dance class. I have gotten in the routine of sitting at a desk, spending less than an hour a day being physical and forget how to get in touch with my body. I know so many people that do this! That is why I enjoy hoop dancing so much! However, this type of dance is not to show at a recital. It an incredibly personal spirtual journey. It really is to “dance like no one is watching.” I was extremely disappointed to miss out on her workshop 2 weekends ago at Atrium Obscurum presents Bhaskara’s Wheel.

Lydia’s workshop is Friday June 27th from 7-10  3 hours on Friday $30 drop in for Friday only and Saturday June 28th from 11:30-6. $120 for both days. I asked what was going to happen on Saturday that the dance-shop was going to be over 5 hours long. Lydia replied: We are going DEEP. 


Event details from FB listing:

Embodied leadership is an exploration of what it means to dance fully in your power. Each and every one of us is born with the capacity to cause great change in our lives and the lives of others. Sometimes what stands in the way is our inability to listen to and share our truth. To be a true leader requires a commitment to know oneself and to live our heart’s purpose and passion fully.

In this dance-shop we will work with the power of the elements to activate our latent leadership potential. We will learn to make contact with the natural gifts and qualities we already possess and develop new ways to lead ourselves and others. We will invite in our visions and dreams by opening to the intelligence of our bodies. We will release, and remove obstacles on deep somatic and emotional levels so that we can reclaim the gifts we have to share.
Whenever we allow our gifts to come through our bodies and lead us forward we become beacons of inspiration, calling others towards their truth and their own embodied leadership.

Dancing Freedom is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice supporting the re-emergence of wholeness. We gather in ceremony to dance and move with the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The five Elements are the building blocks of our known world as well as alchemical keys to the mystery of divine co-creation. In learning to attune to the elements we can harmonize the inner and outer dimensions of our experience and open to the depths and mystery of the sacred dance of life. As we invoke these primordial forces, they awaken the dreamer/leader within who can assist us to create a deeper relationship to our Selves, others and our environment. We co-create a safe and supportive container to go within to retrieve and restore our inner connectivity so that we may become more fully expressed and functional agents of change in the world.

We layer dance, music, breath, intent, energy, prayer and mindfulness within a single practice for inspiration, liberation and participation. Dancing Freedom is an invitation to be more fully alive, to connect with your true purpose, and to know yourself as an emanation of spirit.

There is so much information about Dancing Freedom on the official website:

Lick it: “Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony


Don’t you dare tell me that Sir Mix-A-Lot isn’t elegant and classy. The Seattle Symphony add class to the lyrics “I’m tired of magazines saying flat butts are the thing.” 5:52 is the spot to stare!

The audience sings along as these well to do ladies shake their buttocks. I’m part cracking up because LOOK AT THE LADIES ON STAGE!! Yet I can’t help but be happy that a full piece symphony is playing the instrumental. Yes.

Now in its third year, Seattle Symphony’s critically acclaimed Sonic Evolution project creates a bridge between the Symphony and Seattle’s storied reputation as launching pad for some of the most creative musicians on the popular music scene. Each year, in celebration of the past, present and future of our city’s musical legacy, Ludovic Morlot and the Seattle Symphony commission world-class composers to write orchestral world premieres inspired by bands and artists that launched from, or are related to, Seattle.

In addition to writing a brand new composition inspired by Seattle’s own Sir Mix-A-Lot, composer Gabriel Prokofiev also orchestrated two of the legendary rapper’s most famous hits for this year’s concert, including “Baby Got Back,” for which Sir Mix-A-Lot joined Ludovic Morlot and the Orchestra on stage at Benaroya Hall.

Sonic Evolution is sponsored by CTI BioPharma Corp.
Media Sponsor: KEXP

Sonic Evolution is presented as part of the Seattle Symphony’s New Music WORKS initiative, which is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. New Music WORKS features commissions, concerts and educational activities that use composition as a catalyst for collaboration and engagement in music.

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Frankie Knuckles will live forever

The headlines that keep reading: Dead at 59 are hard to read. It is like saying “it is over!” What is over? Frankie Knuckles is a leader of a sound that feed my soul when I was a teenager right at the time where I needed something to fill a major void. I live in Texas and was energetic and painfully mischievous – just a weirdo, and I still am. I needed something more in my life that would eventually create a strong sense of community in a city I had zero family members in. I was taken to a small cafe in 1998 called Zombies in Arlington, TX and introduced to house music. It was later that I learned the name and tracks. At that time djing wasn’t something anyone did to be cool, it was something my friends did because they couldn’t see life any other way. I went from being lonely and weird to having these people who played HOUSE MUSIC in warehouses where we danced till sun up like weirdos together. Even though I still do this now, every single time I still get the morning tears for being fulfilled entirely with pure love. I dare you to MOVE YOUR HIPS to this mix from last time Frankie played in Dallas and have any bit of hate in your soul! (If you are not a house lover then my dare is null and void.)

Frankie Knuckles @ The Travis, Dallas, TX – 04.10.2013 by Sam3v on Mixcloud

I’ve heard endless parade of DJs play since then their motives ranging from looking cool/sexy, to be famous, to have attention so it has been rare for me to be moved by anyone. It is also the reason I started this blog to begin with, to share what what I was moved by! There are very few who lead a dance floor and take your soul somewhere and then bring you back brand new. I was lucky to have a small group of friends who found salvation in house music. A part of us were nervous about realizing how powerfully spiritual the dance floor would get. My boyfriend at the time would raise hands and say, “In the name of house music, can you feel it!” We did. In  Marea Stamper’s Vice article, she writes about how many people put their resources together and that is what house music did for me. It’s what the music scene does for me now. I got my first sense of being a part of a bigger group with house music. I understand that is why I feel so sad that someone who in my mind would live forever is no longer alive. I found it surprisingly comforting to read the tweets from other fan who also felt his loss. I wasn’t alone in my sadness. Reading the articles that state the facts of Frankie’s life and how did he die, these are the songs he made, here are his releases are leaving out a major part of what Frankie was to the people whose lives were impacted by his music. I almost couldn’t even finish reading the Complex article as a sense of feeling that this creative and constant source of magic was no longer here. It felt like an era as over. Frankie Knuckle’s energy will forever going to be a part of my soul’s healing. It is wonderful that I have been able to dance to live life and experience that journey that his sets created. Frankie lived this extra ordinary powerfully inspiring life that allowed me to find a community any where house music.

Grammy winner Frankie Knuckles

Here is news though: Frankie Knuckles will live forever. That’s the beautiful thing about going through this process for me mentally. I hope that thought you told him, “Wow that was a great set!” will pass on his smile and complete thankful attitude. I already see how he laid the foundation to house music and as those who worked with him continue their musical journal and feed the dance floor spiritual food that house heads always starve for. It has been comforting for me to be able to connect and express my flowing gratitude for this person who made my life and the lives of the people of planet Earth absolutely beautiful. This Friday there will be 60 seconds of silence at 2 P.M. CST in his honor. Connected to the everyone will remember.


Watch this: Perfect Timing. Hooping by Caterina Suttin

First time in about a year that I’ve watched a hoop video and tried to break it down. This past month I’ve hooped a while FOUR days and it was because I was iced indoors. I’ve taken one workshop with Caterina Suttin and learned a slew of flares to add to my hooping. This is a colorful and fun video with four hoops that focus on off body with lots of double isolations. I am inspired!

Also the sound is PERFECT! A remix of Blackstreet’s No Diggity from Minimatic, the track can be bought at Minimatic’s bandcamp.


I like the way you work it!

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Download Now: Mr. Bill & ill-esha – Quixotically Speaking


Mr. Bill & ill-esha – Quixotically Speaking

I’ve listened to this several times today. Got caught up on the lyrics “it’s time to move on but it feels it feels so wrong” – yes definitely listen to the lyrics. What adds to this song is the guitar solo, perfect pool side song. Yum!

Don’t you love when you a hear a song that catches everything that you are going through right now? I have a feeling I’m going to be singing this all summer long.

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