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Lick it: Dancing Freedom Embodied Leadership with Lydia Hikari Marolda

Extremely excited about this weekend in Dallas, TX! Two reasons. I get to visit the brand new Divine Sight Healing Arts Center. I have known Lydia for so long I’m not sure exactly when I met her. However, dancing with her on various dance floors in Texas makes this weekend extra special as she has … Continue reading »

Lick it: “Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

Don’t you dare tell me that Sir Mix-A-Lot isn’t elegant and classy. The Seattle Symphony add class to the lyrics “I’m tired of magazines saying flat butts are the thing.” 5:52 is the spot to stare! The audience sings along as these well to do ladies shake their buttocks. I’m part cracking up because LOOK … Continue reading »