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It was announced from the Harmonious fb page that Onium would have an EP on the 8th. IT IS NOW OUT! I’m super excited about Onium as he focuses on his production to the point that I really just started bugging him about details. I’m a fan of the echoing, orphic percussion he has brought me this past year. I had to ask Stephen Moon how long he has been producing.

“I have only been into Dub Techno for about 2 years. I stumbled upon a mix, got hooked, then wrote/named Comastate, my first released dubby Techno tune, the night before John Walkers accident. I sat on it for months before sending it to Sean Anderson [at Hamonious Discord], it felt too weird to think about doing something with it at that time.”


Piped has a spot as it starts off with cavernous echoes which build up the beat. It’s like landing on a minimal dub planet and looking around. Each track feels like it’s a part of the next scene, as the percussive elements seamlessly come and go as filtered pads march the brain into a minimal dance. Sharing Light has the shimmering, trance-inducing effect that ends up become more of a mesmerizing dance floor experience.


Dark minimal techno dub engineered soundscapes with dance floor infused throbbing ends. I look forward to hearing Onium playing out more often as there is just not enough of this sound in Dallas.

Already Andrew Duke  has played Opslo (Bleupulp rx) on his show, in Halifax NS Canada – 88.1FM

Follow Onium on Soundclound / Facebook Next schedule gig will be Council in Texas.


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