Community Love: John Walker

walk up john walker

This past week I’ve been had John Walker in my thoughts. I met him on a dance floor such a long time ago. I’ve meet many folks on dance floors but he stands out as he has been a very positive person through out the time I’ve known him. One of the very first time I talked to him we had a conversation like I’ve know him forever. I have an extremely playful personality & I heighten sense of humor border-line wacky. John has a killer sense of humor. I can crack jokes with John & my side will be hurting. Not only does John have a this fun personality but he has a way of always bring people to be their best.

I remember talking to him long before I even decided to make this site a music related blog & he was supportive of it & added some ideas. It’s that constant positive feed back that the community needs. Community love is something that he has constantly offered & I’m so happy that my path has crossed his over the past 10 years. John has been a major supportive of so many people here in Dallas that this past week it has been amazing to see the same community that John has given to and supported come back & show him a lot of love.

A week ago John was in a car accident and has spend the last week in the hospital. Even if you don’t know John personally, it would mean the world to me & all his friend and family to donate anything towards him being able to fully heal as his wife and 3 kids stand with him. It will be a long road to recovery. Click this link to donate directly to the John Walker’s family:

There will also be events coming up to help raise funds for the Walker Family this month.

04/06: Wake Up John Walker @ Icenhauers in Austin, TX (Donations accepted)

4/12: The Come Up @ Eden Lounge (Donations accepted)

4/12: Deep Waters @ Muddy Waters (20% of bar sales will be donated / donations accepted)

4/13: Love Rich @ Zubar (Percentage of bar sales will be donated / donations accepted)

4/13: Entice @ Absinthe Lounge & Cigar Bar (Manned donation area)

4/20: Abby’s 30th b-day/benefit for the Walkers at the Crown & Harp (Donations accepted)

4/20: John’s Birthday party @ Zubar (Donations accepted)

4/27: WWJWD? (What Would John Walker Do? – Walker Family Fundraising Event)

It is obvious this past week as how music ties us all.

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