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5 things to do when other bloggers write about you

when other bloggers write about you hydrosupralicked

I’ve had other bloggers feature me on their blogs and it was wonderful to be able to be a part of collaboration, series or mentioned. That is why the Liebster Award is awesome! The bloggers that I nominated even wrote a bit about me and it is great to connect with other bloggers. This can be an extremely isolating activity. It felt awesome reading their opinions about what I am doing and encouraged me to keep posting and creating. 

10 Ecuadorian Bloggers You Should Know It was awesome to be included in this post as I enjoy reading about other Ecuadorian and this group includes those living all over. Several of these bloggers are food bloggers and I love to eat traditional food with a new twist. I also enjoyed reading their blogs since they in Spanish and English. This was done when I did not think that people ever read my bio so it was cool to read it on another website. I follow Diana on snapchat to this day! 

FEARLESS FRIDAY | ALLY FROM HYDROSUPRALICKED Absolutely adore the positivity that Tiffany creates who it was great to be her first person for her Fearless Friday series. I enjoyed being able to share my experience waterfall repelling in Baños, Ecaudor. I hope that the post will be able to encourage other’s to participate in in adrenaline sports and listen to drum & bass and Diane Charlemagne.

CAREER SERIES NO. 1- ACCOUNTANT I’m a fan of all the work that Kayla has done and she’s a hard worker. I like this spotlight as I had just decided to switch from being an account to go back to school to work on marketing. I did enjoying accounting yet after 10 years I wanted to do something more creative. I hope this spotlight helped those thinking about becoming an account know what it would involve. Even if I am no longer a full time accountant now, I still use the skills for my personal bookkeeping, I constantly track line by line all my invoices and I even use it for any work I do as a virtual assistant. Accounting is a great skill to have for freelancers, and yes I know creative types hate it.

The Liebster Award: My first blog award EVER! That time that Bobbie nominated me for the Libester Award. This was a lot of fun to know some facts about here. Now she is one of my favorite people on Facebook, so I like how this award allows bloggers to open up about who they are and connect with each other.

However, I’ve have read negative blog post about me before.

LiveJournal came out in 1999. I had several friends who were in the underground dance scene and online forums who had joined up. One guy who was trying to creep on someone he was dating was caught when I sent him an AOL instant message. Then wrote paragraphs about what he thought of me – for her to read. I read it & saved it & made sure to never put myself in that position again. Do not spend time with anyone who blabs about their personal life online. They will write about you, misspellings, dramatically, for others to feel sorry for them. It was interesting for me to read how someone was using a public space to throw me under the bus. Eventually they became a couple & he cheated on her and a friend forwarded me the LiveJournal link where she was writing about about him. What goes around, comes around. 


Excellent reason why not to write negatively about anyone since that means will come back to you. I am a major fan of spotlighting awesome things because that is all I want coming back to me and there is not enough time for me to waste on any topic that doesn’t help out others.


5 things you should do when others write about you:

  1. Decide if you want to share it: if is negative I would not want someone to get free hits from me. If it is awesome then I want everyone to read it. The positive posts from above are old but sometimes I’ll share them in the future because they are evergreen content and not restricted by date.
  2. Leave a comment: if is negative you could respond. I don’t believe I responded directly to negative posts on myself but I did save it. For positive posts, I always leave a note because hey that’s me they are posting about!
  3. Share it online: the ultimate currently online. Shout it out! If it negative, I suppose you could share it but seeing as how content relies on hits, I wouldn’t share it. No free hits from me.
  4. Share it on your blog: I can’t believe I am just now sharing these links on my blog! I should have done this back when they went live so enjoy it now and check out these blogs. They are all well designed, great content, created by highly intelligent women.
  5. Write about them: of course you can write about them or include them in a series. I would like to do a series like 2 of the above in 2016. I love to share wonderful stories from other blogs, just like I have with all the previous interviews I have hosted before. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing the stories of kick ass folks.

I am using this prompt from BlogHer Writing Lab April 2016. Let me know in the comments if you are joining in as well!

Have you ever had anyone blog about you online? What did you do?



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Historic Bus Tour Black History Month Fort Worth, Texas

Street entry to Trinity River Campus


The Tarrant County Black Historical and Genealogical Society sponsored a historic bus tour last Friday. I was able to go since I’m a college student and this was free to all students.

First stop was Mount Gilead Baptist Church. Our tour guide told us this is the oldest black church in Fort Worth and 4 churches have come from this church. It had incredibly detailed stain glass windows through out and was three levels, the main, the balcony and the basement which was where the children did Sunday school. Our guide told us that military used to use the pool on the bottom floor to swim, although now the pool is closed. The church in this current state has been here since August 31, 1913. The view from the second floor balcony was amazing and glad I got this panoramic shot. This church was a major hub of community. Downstairs in the basement was a wall with all the outstanding members and had clips about their roles.

Next stop to view the monument of the first millionaire black man, Bill “Gooseneck” McDonald. I didn’t get a good clear shot since we couldn’t enter the graveyard during this time. This past weekend I watched a talk about him from the Fort Worth Library. I am interested in knowing about all successful people, worth a watch especially how Bob Ray Sanders and Jan Jones speaking about him. Plus I dig this about his monument from Hometown by Handlebar : At Oakwood William Madison “Gooseneck Bill” McDonald is said to have chosen for his final resting place a hillside where this thirty-eight-foot-tall obelisk can look down upon the North Main Street lodge hall of a different fraternal lodge—the Ku Klux Klan. The final laugh.

Viewing Grave of Bill Gooseneck McDonaldmosque-mcdonald-obelisk















I got several shots from Evan’s Plaza – I went through and took a picture of every single carved in historical marker so definitely go down there to read. There is not much in this area currently but the City of Fort Worth has created plans to use this area, a former nightlife entertainment district, for retail with professional offices in the future. Right now this space looks perfect for an outdoor concert! There isn’t much in terms of structure for a stage for the main area has a lot of grass area for picnicking behind it. There are memorials along the sidewalk commemorating performers of the past.

Last place was the Lenora Rolla Heritage Center Museum, a gallery inside of a house with four large rooms on the bottom. I wish I had more time because I really do just stare at art.

I take a great interest in art and getting to see new artists was awesome. All of our guides knew so much and had awesome personalities that this was lot of fun.

I found this great video that goes over these spots! Our tour guide was a blast & at one point she told us to shut up till we got to our next stop. We all laughed because we were all listening so it might have seemed like we were not paying attention.

Glad I got to take this bus tour. You can join the Tarrant County Black Historical and Genealogical Society and sign up to be a volunteer on their website. I am thankful for these members to show us a side of Fort Worth I have never gotten seen. I like how the City of Fort Worth is helping preserve this history for generations to come.

Let me know in the comments how you celebrated Black History Month this year!



Historic Bus Tour Black History Month Fort Worth, Texas

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Lick it: The Liebster Award


I was recently received the Liebster Award by Bobbi at 1FunGrlTravels! Make sure to visit her blog and I have been inspired by her beautiful Instagram feed. The Liebster Award is an award that is passed from blogger to blogger in order to help readers – like yourselves – find new blogs to follow who have less than 200 followers! This is a great way of getting to know each other! Here’s how it goes: A blogger can nominate up to 10 other bloggers, then create a post announcing the nomination.

I had originally changed my domain to showcase the artists that would be performing at Atrium Obscurum events since psychedelic trance is rare in the United States, especially Texas. I decided to blog about the music and the annual 3 day music festival as well as the park parties we put together. This past year I decided to include blogging about my outdoor activities and included more personal posts, especially my summer in South America. I was overjoyed to be was nominated by a travel blogger! Definitely check out Bobbi’s site: 1FunGrlTravels.


The Liebster Award is an online award given to new bloggers by bloggers who’ve been on the scene for a while. This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Variations have been made over time to the “rules”. Bloggers are recognized by their peers and nominated to receive the award. Part of that nomination is to nominate other bloggers with the same privilege. The goal is to bring attention to blogs that haven’t been discovered yet.

Post the award to your blog to accept nomination
Answer the questions you were given by the person who nominated you
Nominate a small group of bloggers you have discovered
Create 10 new questions for the nominees
Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog


What are the pros and cons of being a blogger?
Pros: I get to get tell people about great events they can attend, give them excellent music, share video, and photos of places that they should go to. I have always enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world online & I have met people who did not have a social media account so I decided it would be best to keep them up to date with a blog – that way they could share my content with their friends. Another wonderful thing about blogging has happened this past year for me: learning more about social media campaigns. I’ve been learning through various webinars, podcasts, networking groups, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other blogs how to stand out, edit, maximize social media impact, what SEO is and more. I still haven’t learned everything as I will be learning how to edit video & personal branding in December. The best part is always going to be getting to know the personal stories of other bloggers, reading their success, see them get married, graduate school, have babies, go on their first marathons. I sincerely enjoy connecting with other people so blogging is perfect for me on that personal connection level. I’m very outgoing.
Cons: The never ending list of things I want to read to learn more! Also there is a blog to-do list that I am always working through. Learning, reading other blogs can also get in my way of just posting and editing my own blog.

Pick 5 people, (dead or alive), you’d want to have a dinner party with!
Celia Cruz (Cuban salsa singer/performer)
Erykah Badu (American singer-songwriter, record producer, activist)
Joan Baez (American folk singer, songwriter, musician, and activist)
Dolly Parton (American singer-songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian)
and of course, Selena (American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, actress, and fashion designer)

If you were stranded on an island, but had all of the necessary supplies to LIVE, name 3 other things you would you want
blank journal
colored pencils
a luxurious round large beach towel to lounge on when I’m done building my beach house since I never know when I’m going to get recused.

What are your other passions in life?
Civil rights, environmental activism and education reform.

Name one of the funniest moments you’ve ever had happen.
Just thinking about this cracks me up! I have a twist and fold sunshade in my car. My mom was riding with me & wanted me to fold my sunshade the wrong way. I was trying to pull the sunshade from her to fold it correctly and she snatched it back and the entire sunshade popped out, smacked right onto her face. I could see the outline of her face in the silver liner and she yelled, “HEY LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING?!” I could see the outline of her mouth moving and we laughed for five minutes.

What do you think makes you unique?
I have a multicultural perspective on the world. I have become an American but I never quit my Ecuadorian traditions. I spend equal amount of time hearing Spanish and speaking English – it can be weird but I connect very well with others who are multicultural and that allows me respect other cultures as well as have the passion to preserve other’s heritage and traditions. I welcome people from all walks of life not caring about anything that would make them different than me since humans always end up having something similar.

What are your top 5 websites you visit most often?
my Facebook groups,,, & – every single day.

Would you view yourself as extroverted, introverted, or somewhere along the spectrum?
100% extroverted. I’m vivacious, vibrant, eccentric type of person.

What’s your Myers Briggs personality assessment type? Do you think it’s fitting?
ENFJ – yes! I enjoy people and working toward common goals. I just had a conversation tonight how I will stand up for others when no one else will or if people are standing around letting a bad situation happen. I will be that person that says something, does something to help others.

Name 3 books or movies that had a profound impact on you.
Our Bodies, Ourselves: I got this when I was 13 years old by my feminist mom and it completely informed me on everything about being a women.
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey: great history lesson for anyone who enjoys dance music. I was told by my clarinet teacher that DJing was not real music. This book is why I still love dance music culture to this day & enjoy being a part of events that are family friendly.
Sextrology:The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes: I have bought this book nearly 3 times. I always think I am done reading it and give it to a friend then I end up buying it again. Very juicy book that has includes heterosexual and gay stars but the best part is how astrology includes mythology and Biblical references as well as how body types refer to a sign. Excellent book, I found out there is Cosmic Coupling: The Sextrology of Relationships
for couples that I am ready to get as gift soon!

The Liebster Award

I know exactly how much time, energy and effort going into blogging and being active in the blog community so I am excited about these bloggers I’ve nominated for the Liebster in no particular order!

Jeanette and Mika Globe Trotting Gals | Mother & Daughter’s Adventure Through the World

Leslie Peachy Keen | Southern State of Mind

Adukes Dukes Adventures | When no plan is the best plan!

Jessica Audio Press | Everything for Today’s Artist

Nicole Kroutil Makeup by Nicole K

Jordyn Southern Stylista

Samantha The Haunted Housewife Beauty | Lifestyle | DIY

Ashlee My Life In Snippets

To accept your award you should thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the ten questions below, nominate bloggers for the award and ask them ten questions of your own. Then you can display the Liebster Award logo (that’s it at the top of the page) on your website.


  1. How did you decide to pick your blog name?
  2. What are 5 words that describe your personal style?
  3. Where is a place you’d like to travel but have never been before?
  4. What inspired you to start blogging?
  5. Where would you encourage others to travel to?
  6. What is your favorite quote?
  7. Tell me about your most memorable travel experience?
  8. What was your first concert?
  9. Do you remember the first time you danced?
  10. How do you decide what you are going to blog about?

Which one of these blog are you looking forward to more new posts?

Screw the 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness game

Pink washing is sick and disgusting way to have people believe they are doing something for the breasts of the sisters, mothers, daughters and female friends. Ugh, I loathe October already because I have to see those pink ribbons pretending they are actually make any difference for breast cancer. So instead of getting rid of products with known cancer causing ingredients we put a pink ribbon on it? Excuse me while I barf. Now there is a GAME on Facebook just in case you have never ever heard of cancer.

Only awareness here is we are trying to get drunk

Only awareness here is we are trying to get drunk

You should not have liked or commented.
Now you have to pick from one of these below and post it as your status. This is the 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness game. Don’t be a spoiled sport. Pick your poison from one of these and change your status:
1) Diarrhea again?
2) Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket.
3) How do you get rid of foot fungus?
4) No toilet paper, goodbye socks.
5) I think I’m in love with someone?
6) I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear.
7) It’s confirmed – I’m going to be a mommy/daddy.
8)I Just won $900 on a scratch card.
9) I am a lesbian.
10) I’m getting married.
Post with no explanations. sorry I fell for it too.
Looking for your post. Ahhh don’t ruin it.
(Don’t let the secret out either)
And remember it’s the 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness… got em now your turn.

I am here spending the summer in Ecuador because my mother has recovered from cancer & we want to spend time with our family. I am fully aware of cancer. My aunt had breast cancer. I was 9 years old when I found out that cancer is something that may require you to remove a breast. There should NOT be any kind of game for cancer awareness. I am not insulted nor offended but as soon as I saw that my comment on a random update was a G A M E for cancer awareness I just thought of everything I have been through as the daughter of a cancer patient. I just sat here and felt that this game would help nothing.

I like how some people say not to be a “spoil sport” and just play along on Facebook. I am not going make anyone’s life and their time spent in hospitals and the tears and all those emotions into a game. I am not sure if my mom will be 100% cancer free but the thought of her life being a game is such a strange thing to consider as a game.

One day she just said, “If I die, I die, it is okay.”

Standing with my mother at Rio de Atacames

Standing with my mother at Rio de Atacames

If you want to raise awareness for cancer it makes sense to boycott all products that contained known carcinogens. There are so many links on how to avoid cancer that probably ONE of those ways would be better than updating with some

Cancer awareness is not a game. Cancer is a part of the reality that some people have to live through. As a person who has a history of cancer on both sides of my family it is very clear and real that I do not need a game for awareness. Right now there are people who have loved one holding on to this world who really do not need any kind of game. It is their life or their death.


5 Tips to Enjoy a Park Party

Trinity Park 03.22.15 credit:  Shawn Sullins

Trinity Park 03.22.15 credit: Shawn Sullins

Reviewing photos from a birthday party yesterday at Flag Pole Hill and still seeing pictures from another birthday party at Trinity Park so I’ve decided I really love parks for birthdays. Of course I’ve always been a fan of park parties, I have hosted many since I was 5 years old and it’s the best place to play and accidentally spill a beverage because we are OUTSIDE!

On the 22nd my friend Uhm, had his birthday party there and it was a terrible start to the day. I drove out there bummed but since I was with my mom I couldn’t be too dramatic as she’s very sensitive to my eye rolling and huffing. Already I was disappointed because I didn’t have the time, energy or know how to make this tetrizini. There were like 10 ingredients! Mom came to the rescue and I made a turkey chill. She made her awesome salsa that is blessed by the spicy, flavor filled gods. It will change your life.

So aside from getting food ready and checking my this-weather-needs-to-go-away attitude this is a check list for what YOU need to have to enjoy park celebrations.

Pick up your beautiful dogs droppings

Pick up your beautiful dogs droppings

1. Bring a trash bag: You are going to get something dirty but still need to take it home. Dirty cup, dirty spoon, your bow feel off and into mud, just bring one to take home to clean. Also at larger parks, it could be there is NO room in ANY of the trash containers. Sometimes I’ll bring a trash bag just for my dog’s droppings. Everyone appreciates a dog droppings free zone.

Trinity Park March 22, 2015

Trinity Park March 22, 2015

2. Bring something to play with: Hula hoops, poi, staff, other skill toys, kites, bubbles, you have ALL THIS ROOM TO PLAY so it’s a great time to make big movement and really grind your fun. I also have seen folks bring games, side walk chalk or face paints. I have a silly personality and enjoy taking pictures so I’ll set up a funny concept or play the selfie game. I’ll play in decorations if the set up is correct.

3. Snack and drink: If you party longer than an hour you are going to need to refuel on water and a light snack. I am a major fan of apples & trail mix. I also bring a gallon of water, I’ll leave it in my car but depending where the park is I use a picnic backpack or my picnic case to bring along napkins, cups, plates to share because others bring food and I really hate to create a bunch of trash. If this is a birthday party then off course bring something to share.

Trinity Park March 22, 2015

4. Say hello to everyone and make new friends: Perfect time to meet new people and connect with others. This is a great way to incorporate those toys or games you brought. Don’t worry if you are not someone’s cup of tea because surely you are someone’s shot of whiskey! Here are tips for socially awkward folks to review if someone doesn’t want to talk to them.

5. Clean up after yourself (also known as Leave no trace)! I can’t stand seeing a party that is trashed because if a place is repeatedly torn up from the floor up that venue could end up no longer allowing events to occur there. It is also not fair to make others clean up after you and will lead to you being UNINVITED to future gathering. It’s gross and unsanitary to be partying in trash. Gross.

I’m looking forward to more gathering in parks and hope that others can make sure to have a good & safe time.

Party out, thanks to Neera. <3

Party out, thanks to Neera. <3

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March 7, 2015 on Big Marge bridge

Last Saturday I linked up with my yoga friends and tried to break the World Record for the world’s largest yoga chain (current: 3,849 organised by the Kshatriya Vidhyasala Managing Board (India) in Tamilnadu, India, on 14 November 2014). However, it was still awesome as I got hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in about 5 years. Plus TWO days before it nearly 3 inches of snow came down and I was worried the event would be cancelled.

At the end of class there was TRUTH media talking to people and I was spoke some but it was edited out but here is the video below. This is a GOOD thing by the way because I was glowing by this point. Not camera ready.

TRUTH took this video of the All Out Yoga.

I didn’t know there would be a march for the 50 year anniversary of Selma, Bloody Sunday. I was focusing on my breathing and I could hear the singing then the instructor said that we could choose to participate in the march as they went past us. Of course I wanted to support this, so many people doing the All Out Yoga got up and turned to honor what the protest was for.

I got this picture from my view.

Yogi supporting Selma marchers on 03.22.15

Yogi supporting Selma marchers on 03.22.15

After yoga, I was talking to my friends about all the things that we support and how we may never be able to see the change in our life yet we do all these efforts and put in the work knowing the next generations will have a better than we will. I just started doing yoga after my mom became sick 3 years ago. Even though I have the heredity of having her illnesses it doesn’t mean that I can’t take control of my health, she didn’t have all the tools that I have today to keep my blood regulated. Anyways, this was an overwhelmingly powerful experience for me, just tied in my the physical, mental and soul part of me.

TRUTH media also put a video for the march itself.

The best pictures of these two events coming together from 2muttmedia’s aerial photo. Just the best picture.

Great 2nd picture.

It got pretty intense in there, down where all those people and I were at.


Lick it: #DearMe, Follow these 3 things.

I’ve recently seen #DearMe online, mostly as YouTube videos but I couldn’t read this letter without tearing up. I had no idea how much information I wanted to pass down the younger me without getting emotional. While reading this I just realized that even though I’d like to tell this to myself NOW. Not exactly to the person I was at 13 years old since all of this still applies to me today some days.


Dear 13 year old me,

1. Listen. I know you want to control the conversation, I know you want to ask questions, I know you think you know what is going to be said and know everything but wait. Listen, completely, then ask, then answer, then say something funny. Don’t just hear for the moment when you can jump in. Listen to their words, the way they pause or get excited and watch how their face tells more than their words. Everything people tell you will be the best way for you to know how to proceed with the conversation – or even if you want to continue it.

2. Focus on few things and not try to do everything. Remember you need to sleep, you need to take time to drive carefully, you need to make sure you have everything packed, you need to have a moment to thing about what you are even doing. Do not try to be everywhere, know everyone and all at the same time. Just focus on a few things that are important and don’t join every single club, be at every party and forget that you need to have time to just be with yourself. Focus on what is important so you have time to fully enjoy it and soak it in and be present.

3. Always have gratitude. Don’t cause your own suffering by thinking you are dealt a bad hand. Work with everything you have. Yes, your younger brothers drive you crazy but they always have your back. Yes, your short but you aren’t scared to be on a stage. Yes, you have a hard time learning new things but you always show up to practice. Yes, there are always things that just flat out suck but 13-year old – you have some incredibly amazing people in your life that love, support and encourage you. You have this wonderful skill of getting around any inconveniences that cause temporary set backs. Be grateful. Always.

I know you will forget all of these things being busy. I know you always come back and remember.

Much Love,
The older, wiser and with way better eyebrows Ally Fiesta
Happy International Woman’s Day

I participate in letters. I write myself a letter that I get ONE YEAR in the future. It reminds me what was important to me a year ago and I get to see how far I’ve come since there. I absolutely LOVE these. I’ve already seen what are things I should just let go of as it is clear that subject really is not important me.

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DOWNLOAD NOW: From Within – Compiled by Atrium Obscurum

I have been excited about this release since it was first mentioned back at that meeting before Christmas! I have listened to this entire compilation three times today already and a steady stream of feels have come rushing to me reminds me why I love this type of music, then I hooked up my studio speakers and was reminded me why I even time, money, energy and effort every year into park celebrations and Atrium Obscurum’s 3 day/2 night festival in East Texas. FOR. THIS.

So Luis Hernandez summoned the most bad ass producers from planet Earth asked if they wanted to contribute to this is what they did.

The date for the annual festival this year is June 12, 13 & 14. Upcoming event will be an Aries celebration for Uhm and Jamie Ray in Fort Worth, TX at Trinity Park on March 22, 2015. Look for the Shelter House pavilion that where the set up is, you know the hill everyone ride down on cardboard.

Look forward to spending time on psychedelic dance floors with everyone SOON! “Like” Atrium Obscrum on Facebook because AO LOVES you!

03.22.15 AO Potluck Aries Celebration at Trinity Park, Fort Worth, TX

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Lick it: Park Plaza Mural Project COMPLETED!

Took these pictures at the opening of the completed murals. It was wonderful to see all the work that was put in as well as get to meet the range of artists, who it was their first public to prolific artists, one I have already interviewed before!

I see this space being used by the community. I even decided to include MiMOSA’s Block Party in this flipgram because it’s block party space.

Arlington Proud will be doing more public space art projects & are open to ideas. I barely made it to the opening ceremony to hear Aaron Bickle talk about ideas that they want the public to suggest.

Arlington Proud is on Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr / Twitter

Can’t wait to see what other projects will happen! I went to James Bowie high for 3.5 years and spent time going to weeklies at Rack Daddies, Division One, Monte Carlos then a couple of warehouses from 1998 till 2003 so Arlington, Tx has a special place in my heart. I found out that FIVE people have gotten the Arlington Proud tattoo, even Mark Joeckel said he wanted one. I REALLY WANT AN ARLINGTON PROUD TATTOO and I always swore I would never get inked! This city was just a place that I have such great memories of working at Chicken Express & la Madeline on Cooper Street, walking home from my 1st day of high school, throwing all those parties on Lake Arlington, driving my red convertible in the summer, being in band/colorguard/jv cheerleading/tennis team, all those friends who all moved all over the world, just such a busy growing period of my life. Just a great day to be there this past Saturday.

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Free download: Play FRANKIE KNUCKLES TRIBUTE live From Millennium Park in Chicago 6/3/14



This is the 160mp3 live recording taken directly off the soundboard at the City of Chicago FRANKIE KNUCKLES TRIBUTE as we broadcast the event to music lovers around the world.

This incredibly electric event took place on Tuesday June 3rd from 6-9pm at Millennium Park in front of the ‘Cloud Gate’ bean sculpture before a bouncing, joyous crowd of thousands of house-heads… all coming together as one to celebrate the legacy of the Godfather of House Music…. FRANKIE KNUCKLES. The sun was shining in the blue sky and a positive joyous vibe filled the air. The DJs (Elbert Phillips, Craig Loftis, Greg Gray and Mike Winston) absolutely crushed it with amazing and heartfelt sets.

Chris Chalupsky (Program Coordinator – City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events)
Michelle T. Boone (Commissioner – City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events)

Alan King
Robert Williams
Frederick Dunson (Frankie Knuckles Estate)

(set time coming) GREG GRAY
2:18:11 – MIKE WINSTON


LIVE on via audio/video streaming webcast

Full video at…_20140603190653.flv

Visit us at for resident, guest, and live house music broadcasts, and on Facebook @

City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE)

Event photograph of the crowd at the Frankie Knuckles Tribute was taken by Rahsaan Lowe at Millennium Park

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