Ecuador: Alausi Nariz del Diablo train ride

The scariest stores I ever heard when I was little were all set around La Nariz Del Diablo. I just was told that the Devil lives there and ghosts are all around the area. I was told this so many times that even NOW as an adult I do not like any kind of ghost stories AT ALL. Turns out that building the stretch of tracks did end up with thousands of workers dying. Even people believed that the Devil did not want these tracks to be built so everyone working there would die. It was such a beautiful day that I did not even think about any possible hauntings in the area. The $30 ticket is very much worth it. There is also a stop at the base of mountains to take pictures. Locals come with a llama and the $1.00 photo op is very much worth it.

Found a Spanish documentary about this area. It is so utterly beautiful here and I could not take an excellent phone since there was so much fog right when we arrived at the lower valley. Some of the photos in this documentary are also in the museum. However, I do not remember anyone serving me at the cafe, lol, maybe that used to happen but not when I went. Love the footage of Alasui as well! I am happy that I got to spend 4 days here, Alasui is such a sleepy town but during the time I was able to spend there I was very much alive.

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