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mobile view 750 stats
mobile view 750 stats

I’ve been looking going over different options to have for this domain as I would like to have more focused and consistent content that my readers find useful, interesting and even entertaining.

This past week I’ve using to write each day. I do have a paper journal, daily planner, small legal pad, LiveJournal, tumblr and of course I’ll make password protected entries on this domain. I have plenty of places to write. I have never made any type of effort towards word count. I find that I could easily get past 750 words but I decided to focus on a single subject each day and thoroughly go through the ideas that I have.

Staying focused on a single topic for 750 words is NOT as easy as I thought. I wrote a couple of extremely emotional entries and found myself wandering off about something. Ha ha, yes I almost forgot why I am showing up. Here is a screenshot of the most commonly used words. Yes, I was in an absolutely evil mood. stats stats

Today I’ve been angry and had a wonderful opportunity to go over ways of creating a great plan to get over that frustration and right when I got down writing. I did a search over topics to help me over come those mental road blocks I was coming through.

If you want to keep consistent with writing and want to it be private so you can write (or rant!) as freely as possible check out this site.

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