May 20, 2012, Sunday: Trinity Park Party and Pot Luck in Fort Worth, Texas

Atrium Obscurum Park Party and Potluck

Come and hang out with us for a lovely spring day full of music,food and friends at Trinity Park in Fort Worth. The pavilion is located at the entrance to the park off of 7th st. For directions please address 2401 West 7th St, Fort Worth 76107.

Join us for some good times, with good people, while listening to good music. This ones for the kiddos, the doggies, the frisbees, the footballs, the hula hoops and whatever other things you feel like tossing around.

For max comfort bring: camping chair, hydrating beverage & baby wipes.

Our intention is for this gathering to be a potluck. We encourage those who wish to attend to bring something to donate to the spread. We will provide plenty of plates, plastic-ware, napkins. This gathering is BYODrinks.

Your musical entertainment(not in order or appearence)…..

Robin Triskele ~ Triskele Management ~ London

Sunray ~ Austin

Opie ~ Morningside Tribe/UFO ~ Dallas

Uhm ~ AtriumObscurm ~ Ft. Worth

Aeon ~ Atrium Obscurum ~ Dallas

Apophenia ~ Atrium Obscurum ~ Denton

VuDuJuJu ~ Atrium Obscurum ~ Denton

J5/Inner Shyne ~ Atrium Obscurum ~ Dallas

Please adhere to all park rules, and be sure to leave no trace. Everything must be as clean if not cleaner than we found it.

I just made this amazing work of art (in paint ha ha ha) to show where to turn, where to park & where the potluck & music will be.

Trinity Park off W 7th Avenue
Trinity Park off W 7th Avenue

Blue arrow is where you drive IN to park. Red arrow is 1st parking lot on left hand side, usually full. Orange arrow is extra parking across from a duck pond, my 4 year old nephew LOVES this pond. Yellow arrow is the pavilion (w/bathrooms)m which has a massive shelter for overpower sun or rain. There is cement slab people have skateboarded on. In front of the pavilion is a wonderfully kept lawn that the hula hoop folks play on. Green arrow is the hill that we glide down on cardboard boxes & look silly doing.

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