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Dance of the Einherjar: Texas Psytrance festival

Atrium Obscurum Dance of the Einherjar

This weekend people will gather right outside of Hughes Springs, Texas for Atrium Obscurum’s annual 3 days, 2-night music and art festival at Armadillo Acres. This is the same venue used for Myschievia. The theme for this event is to honor the dead. Many of us have experienced death in 2016 in very personal ways so this is our way of celebrating them with this Norse mythology story.

Einherjar (Old Norse einherjar = ‘those who fight alone’ or ‘those who belong to an army’) is the term used in Northern mythology for the warriors slain in battle, who are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries after their deaths. There they spend their days in battle, but in the evenings they are all alive again and drink the mead which flows from the udder of the goat Heiðrún and is offered to them by the Valkyries. They eat the meat from the constantly renewed boar Sæhrímnir. There is sufficient for everyone. – Nordic Names

Headlining is
OCELOT – Prog-A-Lot (USA/Portugal) Avatar – Vertigo – Dropout – Moon – Koradji
*Ocelot will also be performing a downtempo set in the 2nd Dome area*

Cosmic Grow – (Mexico) Freak Records

Yoshua EM – (Mexico) Discordia Crew – Anomalistic Records

DragRam T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Greenville, NC

Ekimskrid – (Iowa) Samana Records – Anomalistic Records

Goadream – (Greenville , NC) Touch Samadhi – Pangea productions

SamYaza – (San Francisco California) Anomalistic Records

Artists will be doing live painting and there will be workshops at the dome area. More details on these workshops and the full event line up go to the Facebook Event page or the current Events page on the Atrium Obscurum website.


Atrium Obscurum Decal 4 x 6

Look forward to a cross-dimensional good time with these artists above. Which one are you ready to dance for?


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January 2016 Goals

January Goals 2016 hydrosupralicked

Surrounded by my Atrium Obscurum friends last night was the perfect way for me to ring in 2016! I spent this past week visiting with dear friends who have moved to from Dallas so I went to Beauty Bar two nights in a row as well as finishing up year end financials for a consulting I work with. I had a busy week which meant I decided to end the night at 3 A.M.

Today I had a wonderful day with my close friend. We had a disappointing brunch at Vickery Park; burnt omelet, wrong eggs on their order, the side of lemons was served a dirty dish. Yet it was awesome to be able to watch the Rose Bowl Parade for the first time ever. I need to quit trying to act like a pub has good food. “Go to pub & drink!” I need this tattooed to my hand. This is officially the first New Year’s day in my adult life that I’ve been so productive! After lunch I had the pleasure of being invited to a sweat at the NAC in Red Oak, TX. I haven’t been to a sweat in an outdoor lodge since this past summer so I felt like this was the hottest sweat I’ve ever experienced. It was also wonderful to catch up with the family and regulars who I have not seen in some time. Sweating today was the perfect way for me to reset for 2016. Sending up prayers and being able to sing some songs I thought I had forgotten was the best part.

Balones (mashed plantan bananas), eggs, cafe and la playa. Happy hump day xo A photo posted by Foodie | Naturalist | Blogger (@allyfiesta) on


After we all enjoyed lunch, including black eyed peas, my mom sent me a picture of green bananas with one word: balones YES! Balones de verde is my most favorite snack! Typically balloons are fried but today we baked them. My mom had already bought chicharrones which puts this to the next level. As delicious as balones are they are simply not photogenic! I will have to figure out a way to dress this up.

Sweet Herbal Bath boiling on the stove

Sweet Herbal Bath boiling on the stove

How does one clean up after a sweat? They have a sweet herbal bath! This what I’m about to fall asleep again. I smell like apples & cinnamon.

I’m fresh and ready to tackle my 5 January goals. I decided to stay away from making broad New Year’s resolutions and break down: be grateful, increase fitness, blog more, learn new hoop dance techniques & make yoga a daily habit.

Journal twice a day I already journal either in the morning or in the evening but this month I want to journal twice. Over the summer I learned that I need to focus on being grateful. Just journaling ONCE a day about my gratitude has made me feel great and stay motivated. I am hoping reading this goal expands my happiness TWICE.

Track meals’ nutrition I have been repeatedly told that I need to track my macro nutrients for at least the past 5 years but I figure I assume that I am getting enough vegetables and fruit as well as estimating the exact sugar. I am committed to tracking with a nutrition with an app & I can also log in online.

Post 3 times a week This has to be my favorite since I’ve had it several times in 2015. The final two weeks of the year are always so busy that taking the time to sit down, write, edit, upload pictures was too much. Next year I need to embrace automation for the last week! However, I have several pending blogs so having 3 posts a week here will give me a strong start.

30/30 hula hoop challenge A hula hoop support group on Facebook has posted that Hooping.org is hosting a “hooping for 30 minutes a day for 30 days in January” challenge. I’m already DONE. It feels perfect to be back hooping again. As always, I look forward to seeing what other hooper are going to be doing by searching the #hoopingdotorg3030 hashtag.

A photo posted by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) on

January Yoga Challenge Kino Yoga & Beach Yoga Girl are hosting this Instagram challenge which will raise money for Twoloha, a non-profit movement to give help & hope to people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury or suicide.

What are you goals for January 2016? Did you make resolutions to work on the entire year? You can add your link to the Hodge Podge Moments’ party here

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Lick it: 03.22.15 Aries Celebration at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, TX

Shelter House at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, TX

Shelter House at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, TX

I had a day with my mom yesterday and I told her how excited I was about this upcoming park party season. She knows that I live off the worn path of mainstream society (well 80% of the time) so she asked, “What weird thing you going to do?” CELEBRATE MY FAVORITE SIGN’S BIRTHDAY – DUH! Uhm and Jamie Ray are the most awesome folks I have gotten to know while living in the DFW area and I’m excited there will be an outdoor park party to have a slew of fun at. Trinity Park is also one of my favorite parks in Fort Worth and it’s been 3 years since the Atrium Obscurum crew has host a day of family fun, pot luck style food and – of course – the wonderful music. And it’s free! I totally suggest brining your own picnic set up to prevent leaving a big ass mess as well as making sure you have clean plates, eat wear and a cup to drink from.

Hula Hoops and Poi in motion

Hula Hoops and Poi in motion

I’ve been practicing and reviewing chicken tetrazzini recipes to use. Of course I have a fascination with this after a former colleague brought some to the office for a spread and it wasn’t that some “chuck potluck slop.” Plus, I like knowing that my man would never leave me bc MY chicken tetrazzini is the best. Then again if another woman can take MY man away with her food then I guess he was never mind to begin with. *tear drop*

Come and join us for another blissful day at the Trinity Park Shelter house for music, dancing, yummy food and to celebrate Brian Uhm’s 39th birthday, and Jamie Sunray’s 40th birthday! We are both owning our age. With age comes wisdom 😀

Let's cardboard down this sick hill!

Let’s cardboard down this sick hill!

Location: Trinity Park Shelter House
The shelter house is facing W.7th st. You can park on the side street of the park where Chuys is.

Bring a dish to share 🙂 Tables will be set up in the shelter house. Electricity is available for those who bring a crock pot or etc.

The family that twirls together, stays together.

The family that twirls together, stays together.

Kiddos welcomed, as always. We will have a few games set up for the kids to play. Don’t forget to bring a cardboard box for them to slide down the big grass hill on!


DUBtilDAWN (Atrium Obscurum) DFW

SunRay (Independent) DFW Birthday girl!!

Nivlem ( FYB & PineAliens) ATX

Klapton (Atrium Obscurum) DFW

Herbert Quain (Absolute Shit) ATX

Uhm (Atrium Obscurum) FTW Birthday boy!!!

You can RSVP on the FB event page so you’ll get the reminder. Be sure to “like” Atrium Obscrurum on Facebook because AO LOVES you!

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Hola, it’s me! Ally Fiesta!

I’ve had this blog format of HydroSupraLicked for nearly 3 years. I have been excited to share awesome music, reviews and interviews with producers and djs who I think are amazing. I definitely have talked to new ones that are passionate about sharing their music in the future!

In the mean time, I’ve taken on a new role as a contractor for a non-profit and decided what my favorite aspect of blogs that I read is: the personal voice. I haven’t done this much in the past 3 years and when I first started HydroSupraLicked it was intensely personal. The type of interaction I received when doing e-zine and therapeutic photography sessions became too much so I had to change it up to just party photos.

Love how that is coming full circle and now I am able to share what I’m enjoying currently and spreading information about flow fitness, bad ass music as well as having a platform for my favorite musicians, performers and community leaders to be featured on.

The new HydroSupraLicked is still mostly a blog however, I’ll be more of Ally Fiesta instead of a name-less poster. I also was accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador and will be including how to incorporate flow arts into your fitness WHICH HAS TOTALLY BEEN A LIFE CHANGER FOR ME.

FitFluential Is Fitness Found

Look forward to new changes and being able to share the awe-inspiring rest of 2014!

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