Interview: Dfectv ॐ Audiognomes ॐ Wisconsin

Whew, I almost didn’t get this interview done in time since Defectv was holed up in his studio all weekend long in preparation for Embodied Awakening.


I see that you dj under two names PsiloPsyben and Dfectv. Why the two names?

I like to keep my projects separated, since I play two very different styles of psytrance. The name I put on a flyer usually tells you what I am going to play. PsiloPsyBen sets are strictly dj sets. They are also very fast, aggressive and dark. Dfectv is the moniker I use for my swamp trance productions, and anything else I make myself. If you see Dfectv on a flyer, it will more than likely be a live swamp trance set.

You’re known for playing dark psytrance but you’ve been producing swamp trance. What exactly is “swamp trance”? How would you describe that sound?

Swamp trance, is characterized by slow tempo, steady low end, and all sorts of nastiness up top. It almost feels like trudging though a psychedelic swamp. My style of swamp has a lot of techno, dark psy, breakbeat and even some house influences. That’s the cool thing about making a style of music that is only made by a hand full of people. It can sound like anything I want it too.


What drew your attention to the psytrance scene?

My first introduction to the psy trance scene was Christmas eve 2003. I was about to be shipped off to Iraq and my sister handed me a flyer for a bar night happening that night thrown by the Audiognomes. I had an idea of what psytrance was, (I was given an astral projection mix and an infected mushroom mix earlier that year) but as soon as I walked into that bar, I was in love. The music took hold of me and has never let go. I took it upon myself to spread this wonderful sound to as many dance floors as possible. When I got back from Iraq I played my first psytrance festival. Dreamfields in 2005. Once I immersed myself into the community at this party I was hooked even more. Not only was the music awesome, so were the people. So much different than all the multi-genre raves I had been going to for so many years.

Who and what are your influences?

Many people have influenced me in my time in the psytrance scene. First and foremost is Underfoot. One of the founding Audiognomes. Sadly he has hung up his headphones for a normal life. He was my first mentor and I will always love him for that. Cinder Vomit, Luuli, and the whole Anomalistic Records crew are also huge influences on me. I love all of their musics and it helps me think about what needs to be done to mine. Almost anyone who makes psytrance can be an influence to me though, because they can probably do something that I can’t, and I want to learn how.


What images and emotions do you want your music to invoke in the listener?

I’m really not sure on what images and emotions I want to invoke in my listeners. That would require me trying to make music. I don’t make music. I let it write itself, I am just the conduit it travels through. With swamp trance it’s a bit of a grab bag of emotions anyway. I’ve played shows where I have people energetically dancing and there are people 2 feet away from him or her meditating. Everyone has their own reactions to music, and it’s not up to me to try and make them feel a certain way.


Shouts & Thanks!

I have way too many people in this scene to thank, so I won’t even start naming all the names. I just want to thank all the people that keep coming to watch me play. They are the reason I do this, and without them, I would have a really boring life.

Interview: Manipulation ॐ Funk Lab ॐ Portugal


I noticed that music is a huge part of your life. Do you have any professional music training?

Music does drive most of my everyday engine, but I think most people I know share the same love for the feelings, memories and trips a good tune can bring you. I wonder if one day I’ll meet someone that says “I don’t like music.” Ha!

I had a few guitar lessons when I was about 10, but just for a year and then went on to playing with bands, different instruments and having fun with friends playing out. 5 years later I started getting curious about creating sounds adding synths and samples which was a whole different way of thinking about music, which lead me in a new direction to were I am musically today.


Are you from Azores Islands? What is this place like?
If you can make it there one day, even if for a day it will be a day well spent 
I grew up in an Island called São Miguel, of about 140k people and it’s one of 9 islands that make the Azores.
The landscapes are amazing, beautiful lakes, camping and good reasons to be outside. Everything is closer, you can be in the city or go out to the woods in 20 minutes and it’s a nice place to get lost in. Nothing like a walk on a saturday afternoon, stopping by a cafe with some tables set outside, maybe on a beach, having an expresso and feeling grounded to earth. Many pirates have passed by there centuries ago, so if you’re lucky discovering tunnels and secrets in the islands, you might find a treasure.

What software and hardware do you currently have in your studio?

The sound-generator I mostly use is inside my head and I use as the main piece of gear, for ideas/sounds/effects and other stuff too. For triggering: fingers, sometimes forehead if I pass out on the keyboard exhausted. Ears for Recording samples that then go back to the sound-generator!
(controllers: apc40, mpkmini, novationx25,roland d-50| hardware: mac, ableton, mackie monitors, complete audio 6 interface, tascam dr-100 recorder, allen & heath one dx). In moving a few times I I had to part with some hard synths, but the quality of soft synths today is good enough that you can produce equal sounds and have lots of flexibility. With a midi controller connected and well mapped you are on your way to weird land!

You’ve traveled and played to audiences all around, what is your favorite gig to play?

I don’t know if I have a favorite gig since parties are really special for different reasons, but of course there are always a few that just in remembering them bring me a smile. I love sharing music wherever I have the opportunity to do it but for example Guatemala recently was a special place, the night and morning were beautiful in a place called lake Atitlan, music was good and people had great vibes, interesting and interested, open and friendly.

Electronic music is getting more and more diverse, as technology keeps getting better, as people keep having new creative ideas on how to make music and on what it will sound like. I think it’s always a beginning of something new for all genres including Psychedelic Trance. There are many things that keep me very connected this type of psychedelic trance music, one of them being the idea of a better future and from what I have seen, there are lots of good messages to learn from a gathering, a party or a festival, one of them being that we all exist together in this world, we all share the same air and with love we bring people together and together we share a dance-floor!



ManiuplationN’s Seed of Sounds EP is also available currently on TX.

Interview: Luminous Samael ॐ Audiognomes // Anomalistic ॐ Wisconsin

How did you end up in the psychedelic trance scene?

I happened upon the scene thanks to my Brother who took me to my first Psy festival. It was actually thrown by the Audiognomes in August of 2005 and was called Dreamfields. I was struck by how open people were compared to the “traditional” Raves that I had attended in my younger years. And the Music! I had of course listened to Psytrance for some time at that point, however I never got the chance to see it in person (rather than listening to my brother mix in the basement, which was cool when playing video games), which is a dramatic difference. Having come from a highly diverse musical background, I felt very quickly that I had found Home. I had found a group of people from completely different backgrounds, brought together by this music. By early June of 2006, after The Chilluminati threw the first Sacred Earth Open Air, there was no going back for me.

Tell me about Audiognomes, where are you all from? 

The Audiognomes was originally a primarily Madison, WI based organization. Through out the years we have had some members move on due to careers, family, graduating college, etc. So as time went on we began asking people from around the midwest to join us, and we currently have quite a diverse group. Being an Audiognome means becoming part of a Family and we are quite selective in who we ask to join. We base it on our impression of a person, not just their skills behind the decks or with producing, but their drive, ambition, and personality. We’re driven not by ego, but by our passion. Each of us is driven by our passion for this music, and our wish is to be a conduit for the music that we bring.

Updated mix, downtempo, soundscapes.

How would you describe the music scene is in Wisconsin?

The music scene in Wisconsin has changed over the years. Back in the early 90’s through the early 2000’s there were gradually larger parties to the point where every other weekend there would be a Rave in Madison, heck, Daft Punk played in Madison in 1996 (I was too young at that time, pity). Then it kind of fizzled out for a while. Counties around the state had passed strict sound codes and there was fewer properties where a private event could be held. I went to three Raves between 2001 and August 2005, one was the last big outdoor party in Wisconsin called Rejuvination, and the other two were eight hours away in Illinois… I was under 21 at the time and that made it hard to be at a club/bar where most people played after the big Raves ended, and also where the Psy scene in Madison really started in 2003.

I gradually I fell out of the loop due to my age. And then Ben started telling me about these club parties that I couldn’t go to with this awesome music… However a majority of people preferred breakcore, dnb, house and techno oriented genres and had a general distaste for anything including the word “trance”, as a result many events or clubs would not even consider Psytrance. After our primary venue in Madison closed. We were quite limited as to where we could play in Madison. We have had bars let us do monthly events for a time over the years, but the audience wasn’t building to what the owners wanted. We’re working on spreading our name around town to fix that. But in the mean time I have these wonderful festivals to play at, which are usually a few hours away, however well worth the trip.

What was it that drew you to becoming a DJ?

I was bored with just updating the website. I kid. I was drawn to become a DJ not only because of what you can do with an audience, but also in a large part due to my Brothers influence. It looked fun and I wanted part of it. But I was always too nervous to start, wasn’t sure which “style” I would play. For quite a few years people would ask continuously “When are you going to start playing like your brother?” I always said I was taking my time, and I was. I was watching how it was done and I had some very good teachers. Also I was really bored with just updating the website. 

How long did it take before you started playing out?

Quite a while considering all the bugging at every damn festival or party I would go to about when I would become a DJ like my brother.

Again, I kid.

In all honesty it took me two to three years before I was ready to take the plunge. I feel like waiting that time has helped me take into perspective the feel of the audience. It has given me a different point of view that I take into consideration. Yes, I could play 200+ BPM for an entire set, but I then think “What would I do if I was in the audience?” Playing that fast is intense, not only for me but for the audience, you have some control of your audiences emotions and it is important in my view to take that into consideration.

On a side note I have not posted a mix in a few years… I’ll do my best to change that. However over 120 mixes are located at

Sunday Fiesta Sounds: what I found hot this week on Soundcloud

Fall Silently by Temporal ft. Veela

Just beautiful dubstep track from – which was refreshing given how many tracks I’ve come across are tear out let’s-get-drunk types. Ha ha, which are great & all but gets old quick.


Mr Bird – Salthill & Sugar

Rapper’s Delight is a personal favorite of mine. Then with this arrangement comes out –  well it really stood out this week. Sing alone because everyone knows the words.


This is a preview from the entire album – which is over at bandcamp (click here) I love me some straight up ragga so its there. Towards the end it’s that heavy sounding dubstep that inspires me to get vodka and ice. (I really like tear out dubstep when I’m drunk. Anyone else? ha ha!)

BETA – Radio (Dirty Ganesh Rmx)

This sounds sick. Even more so because it’s a remix of Mexican band BETA. Just makes me want to start up a Spanish glitch band. Wow, knowing Spanish comes in really handy sometimes!

What stood out to you this week musically?

Interview: Psytrancess ॐ AtlantaPsy ॐ Georgia

How did you get interested in music? When did psytrance come into the picture?

My parents were a strong influence. My dad played bass guitar for our church and my mom had a record/tape/cd collection that rivaled most music stores (seriously her whole collection took up 2 whole walls of her apartment). Between the both of them, there was definitely more time listening to music than there was watching TV growing up. My progression to psytrance begin in 1991 when I was first introduced to “techno” by a show Jason Bentley had on the NPR station in California, called Metropolis, every night at 8 PM. From there I learned about raves, became an avid attendee and fan of the “club kid” culture and then learned about these secret parties they would throw in the Mojave. Everyone I talked to were crazy passionate about those parties. How the people were friendlier, how the open air and scenery just made the mood of the party better and how alien the music was. I finally got myself on the proper phone/usenet group lists that announced these events and went to my first desert party in 1999. It was true love immediately. I never wanted to go to another dirty California warehouse rave again and didn’t have to with 4 different crews throwing down a party at least once a month.

When you first started DJing, what was the vibe/crowd/venue like?
I first started DJing in my backyard at the private parties that ATLpsy would throw for the GA/NC psytrance family, the SpaceCamp parties. So the vibe was nothing but pure, the crowd was small, real intimate, and full of love and the venue was perfect as it was a home field advantage so to speak….lol. I have so much appreciation and love for all of the guys (Brainlizzard, Pyite, Puskara, Ika, Psyonic and most of all for CinderVomit) that helped me with gear and support; let me plug in my headphones and hear, watch and learn what they were doing; and more than anything, gave me the strength and encouragement to take my psytrance experience to this next phase, from dancer to DJ.

What are some differences that you notice in the psytrance scene that vary from other EDM subcultures?
Hrmmmmm… no particular order I would have to say:

  • Audiophile-tuned speakers….psytrancers are extremely particular and finicky with achieving crisp and concise sound.
  • Tends to be more of a spiritual overtone to the event, at least to the “heads”
  • Attendance on average I would have to say is older, possibly (and I use this loosely) more mature than your typical EDM scene.
  • Sadly, psytrancers do up the art/deco aspect more often than the EDM scene these days. The art was one of the most amazing aspects of the first generation of raves and it seems that the more commercial EDM gets the focus on the visual art has slipped away to nothing but a banner some lasers and a VJ, if you are lucky.
  • Most of all I would have to say though that psytrancers are more likely to treat you like family (the good kind that is) than any other group I’ve encountered. I’ve got more friends all over the US and the globe just because of our common bond of the music and the love for our scene.

Tell me more about the crew that you’re with, AtlPsy?
As Atlant-aliens, we used to be limited to psytrance parties in North Carolina for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, the different crews that threw down in NC were great, but the 3.5+ hr drives were a little rough sometimes. The silly thing though is that we really didn’t know of each other until Tribe came along and Moksa formed a “tribe” for Atlanta. Together we discovered that we each had a skill or commodity to contribute to putting on our own shows down in Atlanta and thus a great group of clowns and shenanigans was born.

Psytrancess – Sacred Seed Flight 3

Psytrancess will be performing at Embodied Awakening 2.5 hours East of Dallas, TX at Armadillo Acres. 

Interview: Axis Mundi ॐ TOUCH Samadhi // Anomalistic ॐ North Carolina

“One Foot In Fantasy” is Axis Mundi’s first album on Anomalistic records. It’s available at bandcamp by beatspace. I’m listening to this right now & it gets really tripped out. He’s described it as a person life journey. While I listen to this I’m going on a personal journey – in my mind. Yes.

Axis Mundi One Foot in Fantasy

Axis Mundi One Foot in Fantasy

Currently Axis Mundi is working on his 2nd album. A majority of the tracks from Axis Mundi’s Soundcloud page will appear on his second album “Ara Nova”, which will be five tracks.

He’s work has also been on about 20-25 miscellaneous compilation and versus tracks which are found everywhere. I’m excited to learn more about the work and experience this Asheville, NC producer has!

Axis Mundi getting psychedelic

Axis Mundi getting psychedelic

What crews are you working with now.
I am with a couple of crews now.
TOUCH Samadhi  (Facebook) (Youtube) This is an Asheville-based crew which has since spread across the US. Possibly abroad as well. TOUCH was the biggest reason why I decided to move to Asheville. They have all been huge role models to me. Kri Samadhi in particular has been somewhat of a mentor (even though he may not realize it until now) and someone that I hold a lot of respect for and look up to. But he’s not the only one. They have all become very good friends to me personally, and have been very supportive of me, even though the type of trance I create is perhaps the most far removed from most of their personal tastes. I was very honored to become part of their circle and I feel a lot of loyalty towards them.

Anomalistic Records This is an Atlanta based trance label, which is also very much like a family. There are Anomalistic members all over the USA. The label focuses on releasing music which… doesn’t fit in with any particular niche, though the tendency is towards very fast, abstract sounds (even for this particular genre of electronic music). David “CinderVOMIT” Sheker  is one of my closest friends. This label released my first album and I’m proud to be involved with them and with the yearly “World Bridge” party which has become an event I look forward to every year. This year’s World Bridge, the seventh, is slated to be the last in the series.
There is also the Goa Gil crew, called “Those People”, also based out of Asheville, and also heavily involved with the World Bridge festival in the summer, and the bi-annual Goa Gil event in Spring at Deerfields. Over the years these folks have become very dear to me as well. I’ve learned a lot from them.

There are a few other crews which I’m also closely allied with. Xexify in southern California, Atrium Obscurum in Texas, and Cosmic E.G.G. in Minnesota (many of whom also cross over with Anomalistic) are also very good friends and supporters. I always enjoy their company and the events they do. They are very good people.

I also have a side project called “Elves of Appalachia” (soundcloud) with David “CinderVOMIT” of Anomalistic and the “Datavore” act. We’re just finishing up an EP which will be out on Anomalistic very soon this year.

I’m very thankful to have gotten to know these groups in my career.

The Axis Mundi is the the center of the world center, how did you decide to select that as your name?
I first heard the term through another hobby of mine – tabletop RPGs (role-playing games). Later (before I seriously got into electronic music) I also used “Axis Mundi” as a general internet and gaming handle online. The more I read about the “Axis Mundi” concept, the more it resonated with me, and it sort of stuck. Even some of my most long-term friends call me “Axis” even though they are well aware of my true name. At this point, I don’t think I could get rid of it if I tried.
In the trance community, there have been a few other “Axis Mundi”s before me. I believe I’m the 4th. Once I found out there were others, I wondered for a bit if I should consider a name change. I even tried to do this, but it turned out to be futile, obviously. I’ve never had any issues with using this moniker, though, and no real confusion amongst other people, so there was never any real reason to change it besides my own self consciousness, so I never really bothered to. “Axis Mundi” seems to have chosen me as much as I chose the name.
It’s Latin, also, which I really like. I’m a languages prodigy. I speak five other languages besides English, with varying degrees of fluency. So I think the name also says something about who I am, in its own way.

I just saw that you are working on drum & psy-trance bass! JUST NOW! How is this different from what you tend to create? Download available online?
Hehe, not yet, though this bit I’m doing now will be the first track on my second album, “Ars Nova”, soon to be released. I’ve always enjoyed other types of music. In electronic music, I’m a big fan of breakbeats, drum and bass, downtempo, industrial, ambient, and IDM. I try my best to incorporate these influences into my trance music, which is why a lot of it sounds very irregular and experimental. Even in my “normal” trance, most of it is in non-4/4 timings, with fractional tempo changes, and subtle broken beat sections. I thought it would be nice with my second album to push my boundaries a bit further and make a psytrance-influenced track that wasn’t actually psytrance in itself. I’m told by those who have listened to it that it’s well done and “sexy”, so I’m probably going to explore these avenues further.

I also have a pet project which is IDM/glitch in nature and mainly geared towards fully live performance, meaning you don’t hear any sounds at all unless I’m pushing buttons and keys and turning knobs like a furious madman. I love hardware and controllerism, and the language of MIDI. At this point, though, this is a personal affair, though perhaps after my second album is finished I’ll devote more time to persuing this with a bit more seriousness and maybe even perform it onstage at the right event. I’m taking my time with it, though.

You can hear some live Ambient, performed with Christian of Sectio Aurea, in Switzerland in this video (you may need to be my Facebook “friend” to see this, but don’t be shy ):

I have had such a blast when I’ve previously tranced in Asheville, NC. How would describe the North Carolina psytrance scene?

For a town this small, there’s a HUGE arts and music scene in general. Moog Synthesizers also has its headquarters here, and these and a lot of factors mean there are tons of electronic musicians who produce stellar work… true audio geniuses. But you never hear about them, because they aren’t necessarily interested in promoting themselves and having a big name about it. They just do it because it’s fun and it pleasures them to do so. This is an important aspect of this area.
As far as Trance goes, TOUCH Samadhi and THOSE People have been here, pushing the trance scene, helping it grow, doing events, making music, etc. since the late 90’s. That’s old-school in this genre. As mentioned earlier, I’m very glad I discovered it when I did. I couldn’t have gotten to the point where I am now without these crews and the Asheville local scene, and as far as I’ve gone up to this point, I still see horizons in every direction. The Asheville scene has been a big influence on me in the way I view my place and direction in music.

Even (and especially) now, I oftentimes feel humbled by the sheer amount of talent, enthusiasm, and dedication that exists in this area and its people, and it humbles me when I listen and see what other people are doing around here.

When was your initial influence to Psytrance? What was that experience like?
Before trance, I used to listen to a lot of heavy metal. I was first turned onto psytrance via my high school exchange year in Germany, when I would listen to late night radio there. I didn’t know it was “psytrance” at the time, all I knew was that it was the first electronic music I could relate to, and listening to it made me feel very, very good. After a short while I stopped listening to metal altogether, and I began changing in a lot of ways for the better.

Some of the first names I listened to were Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Koxbox, Etnica, Astral Projection, Talamasca, and others. Nowadays, my tastes have changed somewhat and I listen to different artists. But I still respect these old acts for what they did, and in some cases, still do.

To date what is the best experience you’ve had djing?
Wow, there are so many. My primary reasons for doing what I do are the travel and the people I meet. I’ve been very blessed to have played all over the States as well as two Europe tours. Some of my most memorable were:

Playing with Sectio Aurea  on top of a mountain in Switzerland. The dancefloor literally dropped off into a huge cliff, and while I was playing, I could look out across the black midnight sky and see a massive thunderstorm flashing lightening behind a distant mountain, silhouetting the Alps for a few seconds with every bolt.

Playing in front of thousands of people at Indian Spirit ’09 in Germany. When I started, I had the shakes and thought I would faint. Looking up from what I was doing and seeing a sea of dancing heads under the black and strobe lights… there’s nothing like it.

Playing in the Mojave desert outside of L.A. in Spring. At night, the sky was perfectly clear and I could see more stars than I’ve ever seen at once in my life. Thanks to that, I now know what it looks like when the sky cracks open – and I was completely sober, too.

Playing near the tree line on the side of Mt. Hood in Oregon with Secret Society. Even though it was May, it was COLD up there – we literally drove THROUGH a snowstorm to get to the venue, and it was snowing while I was playing! The wilderness there was virgin, untouched, and felt very primeval.

Playing/being at a very small “family” style party with a crew of Germans (the “Klabusterbaerenbaende”, which, loosely translated, means “The band of some strange little animal which burrows up into your ass”. They rented out a villa on the coast of Southeastern Spain, in Benissa, and the whole affair lasted a week and a half of the most solid, uninterrupted debauchery I’ve had the pleasure to indulge in. They did it totally “Fear and Loathing” style, complete with a special briefcase – I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Opening for Psykovsky  just about a month ago right here at home, in Deerfields. The party was a huge success – half experimental glitchy IDM (on Friday) and some of the most exotic psytrance on Saturday. The promoters, all personal friends of mine, were doing that as their first event – a very daunting task, but the event went off without a hitch and was without a doubt one of my favorites of all time. It was an honor to open up for Psykovsky, an artist I greatly admire presently, and I’m glad I played before him and not after him, because I have no idea how anyone could have followed after what he did. He really blew me out of the water in all the right ways.

Any thanks you’d like to give out?
Besides those whom I listed in the cover art of my first album, “One Foot In Fantasy”, well, I’d like to thank all of those people again, and especially my Mom, my beloved sister Dakota, my fiancee and the love of my life, Mary Johnson, Jerry Ricks, Myrkabah, Somadelic, Vic and Triplag Music, Oblium, the Anomalistic crew, Elves of Appalachia, TOUCH Samadhi, Those People, Atrium Obscurum, Mind-Expansion Records, Xexify, Cosmic E.G.G., and more… I’m reluctant to name individuals beyond that because there are so many, and I don’t want to accidentally leave anyone out. I’d also very much like to thank each and every person who’s ever given me a shout out, a hug, a congratulations, a “Like”, a “Favorite”, etc…. every time I hear or see appreciation for my art, no matter how small, it makes me feel really, really good about my art, and gives me a bit of strength and courage to continue doing that, and to keep pushing my own limits. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I never, ever, ever could have done, or do, what I do without your kindness, love, patience, understanding, and support.

Axis Mundi is played in Texas at Armadillo Area, Hugh Springs on June 23 for Embodied Awakening. Hope you asked for Monday off because you’re going to need a rest after this weekend.

Edit: updated broke mix/track links

Interview: Extrinsic (Psylicious Artist & DJ Collective)

Psychedelic Liberation

Psychedelic Liberation

1992 Extrinsic Oldschool Vinyl DJ mix by Extrinsic on Mixcloud

You attended the infamous illegal London M25 Acid Parties. How were those parties different from the events you started going in the early 90s?

The early parties had a more underground feel to them.  There were great events in the early nineties they tended to be at licensed venues which had a kinda glossy feel to them. I loved the derelict warehouses and archway venues and the outdoor parties were always the best. Hundreds sometimes thousands of people travelling in convoys to secret locations in and around London. Great fun, always trying to stay one step ahead of the plod . Music started to split into its genres more in the early 90s, but my DJing was underway so I was enjoying these times . Now we were attending parties at licensed venues up and down the country every weekend where I would usually play at after parties if I could wangle it . They were mostly indoors but at least they were more likely to go ahead all night .

Extrinsic psychedelica

Extrinsic psychedelica

Psychedelic trance is notorious for having high BMPs, as a DJ that played Harcore and Breakbeat, how was this progression for you? What drew you to psytrance?

The break beats and hardcore BPMs I used to play and still love, were around 147 bpm to 160 BPMs. If anything I’ve slowed the tempo down, things were starting to sound too fast. Then I discovered Trance with labels like Time Unlimited and Noom Records and settled right into it. Goa Trance / Psy just kind of crept in as I found the Dragonfly label, Matsuri and stuff like that . A totally natural progression I think as my first love of music was with the early electro of the 80’s, Streetsounds Records etc. Always loved a TB303 bass line me.

What I loved about the Psytrance scene was how underground it felt and with a much more tribal element to it and outdoor gatherings were back! The music was amazing, Slinky Wizard Astral Projection , Doof , T.I.P. Etnica. Just couldn’t get enough of these sounds .



You’ve said you’re not a fan of the commercialization of raves although you did have to deal with parties getting raided, what do you think of the path that music festivals have taken so far in the UK?

What gear/software are you currently using to produce? Are there any producers that you are looking forward to working with?

At this time I use Ableton Live with tons of different softsynths and Traktor to DJ with . Myself and Joe Markendale (Sonic Species) are trying to find time to write a track together so very much looking forward to that . I’d also like to do some work with Anti-Spin in the UK . I’m open for collaborations for sure.

As a Live Act what does your act involve? Does it have anything to do with your name “Extrinsic”?

My live act is still in developing stages , for now nothing too complicated it will be a mix of my own work using Ableton Live . My main approach is to stay focused on the sound and the delivery of a nice production . And the Extrinsic name represents the style of music you’ll hear me play -Alien , outlandish .


I’m excited that you’ll have new tracks that will be featured in your set at Embodied Awakening, Which of your own tracks do you like the best so far?

From my old batch of tracks , I liked Beautiful Moments, Supernatural Being and Psychedelic Liberation which has just been released on Yo-Soy records. These tracks can be heard on my soundcloud. My new stuff is a funkier more manacing sound, as can be heard on the MoonRunner mix on my mixcloud. So I’ll be intergating my own material with the best sounds I can find for you …… I’m looking forward to partying with you A.O. – See you soon

Big shout to all the Psylicious crew , Triba crew Ben , Wazza , Nelly , Mark and Padman and Love to my family xx

Extrinsic is with Psylicious Artist & DJ Collective with stablemates such as Zetan Spore, N.A.S.A, Twisted Reaction, Earth Angel, Polypheme, DJ SSK, New Age Hippies, Kenesis and Talamasca ….. Extrinsic creates, performs and DJs psychedelic trance music, bringing a blend of euphoric yet twisted soundscapes and groovy, pounding basslines to the trance floor. For bookings please visit (from Soundclound page.)

Updated broken link/ you can follow Extrinsic here

Interview: Vudujuju

Juju is a multi-gene dj from Denton, TX. While listening to the flow of her sets I’ve heard break beats, techno that tangle in with psytrance to create a dance friendly dance floor all the while thinking, “What exactly am I listening to because I am LOVING this!” Vudujuju has been djing since she was FOURTEEN years old which may be why she has a flowing mixing technique that allows her transitions to flow without stopping a dance floor.

This Sunday she’ll be playing at River Legacy Park and I’d love to catch up with her on how she got to this point and where she is going.

VudujujuI love that you started djing at 14, who was the most influential people around you during your beginning stages as a dj?

Well, I started young due to my older sister being the most influential person for me at the time. She and a friend came home one night after a party listening to trance and dance music, and seemed like they had a blast. I was intrigued and had thought everything was still renegade warehouse style still! lol little did i know the scene was still alive, but regardless, the first thought than ran through my head was, Id like to be the Dj that made the awesome time. 😉


I’ve noticed your mixes have a wonderful selection from various genes, what can we expect from your upcoming set?

For this upcoming set, you def nailed it, a mixture of genres! It has always been my style, i feel it keeps thing moving. Def some tech/ minimal with some slight breaks as well, annd maybe a little swing house thrown in for surprise. >-..-<


You will be playing in Arlington, TX and there will folks coming who have NEVER heard the blend of music you play. How would describe the set you’ll be playing this Sunday?

Its danceable, booty shaken’ 4 by 4 beats that shall keep ya entertained. 😉

VudujujuBesides djing what is another creative outlet that you are passionate about?

Defiantly being a jeweler and working with jewelry design, it has been the other big part of my life that i take pretty seriously as far as who I am and what I do.


What style of psychedelic trance do you prefer? How does this effect your dance floor experience?

The Psytrance i prefer would be sounds from forrest to full on. Sometimes I like my music to have a small hint of pretty melody, but more often than not ass kicking bass to to keep it pumped.

Exciting times coming up lots of goodness to look forward to! Thanks for the time annd ill see you guys on the dance floor!

Vuduju will be playing from 3:15 PM. – 4:30 PM at A.O.’s Park Party & Potluck. You can join the Facebook page here

Dance Park Party and Potluck on April 15 in Arlington, TX

Atrium Obscurum Park Party and Potluck Gathering

Come and hang out with us for a lovely spring day full of music,food and friends at the Elm Grove Pavilion at River Legacy park in Arlington. Shortly after pulling into the park the road will split, stay to the left. Elm Grove Pavilion is the second pavilion on your right hand side by the playground. Bathrooms are just a short walk away 😀

Join us for some good times, with good people, while listening to good music. This ones for the kiddos, the doggies, the frisbees, the footballs, the hula hoops and whatever other things you feel like tossing around.

Our intention is for this gathering to be a potluck. We encourage those who wish to attend to bring something to donate to the spread. We will provide plenty of plates, plastic-ware, napkins. This gathering is BYODrinks. The pavilion offers 8 picnic tables, 4 grills, and enough shade space to cover 65 people.

Your musical entertainment(not in order or appearence)…..

Force ‘Majeure ~ TOUCH Samadhi/Shiva Shakti ~ Austin

Klapton ~ AtriumObscurm ~ Dallas

Opie ~ Morningside Tribe/UFO ~ Dallas

Jello Costello ~ Morningside Tribe ~ Dallas

Sunray ~ Austin

VuDuJuJu ~ Atrium Obscurum ~ Denton

Please adhere to all park rules, and be sure to leave no trace. Everything must be as clean if not cleaner than we found it.

Interviews: Soleil Psychédélique – DubtilDawn

It was New Year’s Eve when I hear Dub Till Dawn get her dub on and it’s been on since there. She has a style that is dance floor fun and her energy behind the decks always makes her a pleasure to just watch if you ever take a break from grooving to look up. I took some time to ask her five questions about her music style, venue preference and gave her some space for shout outs.

Dub Till Dawn

Tell me how you got started djing, when did you go from buying music to djing?
I’ve been playing with mostly vinyl, since I was a teenager. It was an on again off again relationship really but, I was more of a dancer & liked to be immersed in the music. I started with some random ambient sounds fused with crazy Hawaiian surfer music to atmospheric drum & bass on to a little house music & some epic trance. It wasn’t until a few years ago did I muster up the nerve to play in front of more than just a hand full of people. I never had the equipment of my own to really delve deep into the musical stylings that I loved, so I had to rely on friends & loved ones to provide that platform. I have to say that people at the time I started playing in venues weren’t really pushing the dub/reggae sounds anymore. It was pretty difficult to find really good dub music that wasn’t completely overplayed. I’d been a long time reggae & dub lover. Anything from King Tubby to Bob Marley… one of the local groups that turned me onto the neo-dub sounds was Sub Oslo out of Fort Worth. I still collect vinyl but, I’d rather carry CDs because of shear portability & convenience.

Dub till Dawn w/Jamie RayWhen it comes to the music that you play, what kind of experience are you seeking for the dance floor?
When I’m playing music, which to me should evoke an emotional response in people, I hope to see people getting the message that I’m trying to relay while grooving to it. Most of the dub/reggae influenced music has a clear message. The messages I try to portray are of peace, positive forward movement, respect & tolerance for one another, the unification of us as people, standing up for your beliefs & the ability to overcome even the most tumultuous of hardships.

Dub till Dawn

DJing at Quartz and Jesters

I have noticed that you have a great love of punk music and have a GRRL quality about your personality,is there any link from punk from what you play now?

Punk is a state of mind. It’s the never ending desire to do what you want, push the limits & boundaries of society; influence those around you, backing down to no one. So in essence, yes, I would wager that it’s really had a major influence on my choice in music. As you know, punk, dub & reggae are very much intertwined (think Ska, that’s a nice fusion to relate them with). They are all heavily revolutionary in my mind. Amazingly enough, the type of music I play is becoming more relevant in today’s world than I’d ever imagine it being (at least in my lifetime).

Dub till Dawn

dub delights at Trinity Park

You have played at bars, club, warehouses, the great outdoors – out of those venues which is your favorite so far?
I prefer to be outdoors honestly, connecting with the earth & all the creatures, whether it’s someone’s land & we’re camping, an outdoor festival or a park party scenario. However, I won’t pass up an opportunity to play for a bar/club venue that has more of an eclectic mix of people. The more differing people & world views that are exposed to the type of music I play the better.

Dub till DawnAre there any artists out there right now that you can not get enough of?
I’d say that I cannot get enough of the French dub producer KANKA. He has a terrific set of MCs & his dub production is right up my alley. “Kanka, he’s a dub organiza, he’s a dub constructa..”

Shout outs!
I’d like to thank some very special musical catalysts in my life: AEON, SunRay, Burl (R.I.P.), Epik, Nao & TomB. Love & Respect

Like Dub Till Down on Facebook at DUBtilDAWN and on Instagram at dubtildawn.