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Interview: Luminous Samael ॐ Audiognomes // Anomalistic ॐ Wisconsin

How did you end up in the psychedelic trance scene? I happened upon the scene thanks to my Brother who took me to my first Psy festival. It was actually thrown by the Audiognomes in August of 2005 and was called Dreamfields. I was struck by how open people were compared to the “traditional” Raves … Continue reading »

Sunday Fiesta Sounds: what I found hot this week on Soundcloud

Fall Silently by Temporal ft. Veela Just beautiful dubstep track from dubstep.net – which was refreshing given how many tracks I’ve come across are tear out let’s-get-drunk types. Ha ha, which are great & all but gets old quick.   Mr Bird – Salthill & Sugar Rapper’s Delight is a personal favorite of mine. Then … Continue reading »

Interview: Psytrancess ॐ AtlantaPsy ॐ Georgia

How did you get interested in music? When did psytrance come into the picture? My parents were a strong influence. My dad played bass guitar for our church and my mom had a record/tape/cd collection that rivaled most music stores (seriously her whole collection took up 2 whole walls of her apartment). Between the both … Continue reading »

Interview: Axis Mundi ॐ TOUCH Samadhi // Anomalistic ॐ North Carolina

“One Foot In Fantasy” is Axis Mundi’s first album on Anomalistic records. It’s available at bandcamp by beatspace. I’m listening to this right now & it gets really tripped out. He’s described it as a person life journey. While I listen to this I’m going on a personal journey – in my mind. Yes. Currently … Continue reading »

Interview: Extrinsic (Psylicious Artist & DJ Collective)

1992 Extrinsic Oldschool Vinyl DJ mix by Extrinsic on Mixcloud You attended the infamous illegal London M25 Acid Parties. How were those parties different from the events you started going in the early 90s? The early parties had a more underground feel to them.  There were great events in the early nineties they tended to be at … Continue reading »

Dance Park Party and Potluck on April 15 in Arlington, TX

Atrium Obscurum Park Party and Potluck Gathering Come and hang out with us for a lovely spring day full of music,food and friends at the Elm Grove Pavilion at River Legacy park in Arlington. Shortly after pulling into the park the road will split, stay to the left. Elm Grove Pavilion is the second pavilion … Continue reading »