Interview: Vudujuju

Juju is a multi-gene dj from Denton, TX. While listening to the flow of her sets I’ve heard break beats, techno that tangle in with psytrance to create a dance friendly dance floor all the while thinking, “What exactly am I listening to because I am LOVING this!” Vudujuju has been djing since she was FOURTEEN years old which may be why she has a flowing mixing technique that allows her transitions to flow without stopping a dance floor.

This Sunday she’ll be playing at River Legacy Park and I’d love to catch up with her on how she got to this point and where she is going.

VudujujuI love that you started djing at 14, who was the most influential people around you during your beginning stages as a dj?

Well, I started young due to my older sister being the most influential person for me at the time. She and a friend came home one night after a party listening to trance and dance music, and seemed like they had a blast. I was intrigued and had thought everything was still renegade warehouse style still! lol little did i know the scene was still alive, but regardless, the first thought than ran through my head was, Id like to be the Dj that made the awesome time. 😉


I’ve noticed your mixes have a wonderful selection from various genes, what can we expect from your upcoming set?

For this upcoming set, you def nailed it, a mixture of genres! It has always been my style, i feel it keeps thing moving. Def some tech/ minimal with some slight breaks as well, annd maybe a little swing house thrown in for surprise. >-..-<


You will be playing in Arlington, TX and there will folks coming who have NEVER heard the blend of music you play. How would describe the set you’ll be playing this Sunday?

Its danceable, booty shaken’ 4 by 4 beats that shall keep ya entertained. 😉

VudujujuBesides djing what is another creative outlet that you are passionate about?

Defiantly being a jeweler and working with jewelry design, it has been the other big part of my life that i take pretty seriously as far as who I am and what I do.


What style of psychedelic trance do you prefer? How does this effect your dance floor experience?

The Psytrance i prefer would be sounds from forrest to full on. Sometimes I like my music to have a small hint of pretty melody, but more often than not ass kicking bass to to keep it pumped.

Exciting times coming up lots of goodness to look forward to! Thanks for the time annd ill see you guys on the dance floor!

Vuduju will be playing from 3:15 PM. – 4:30 PM at A.O.’s Park Party & Potluck. You can join the Facebook page here

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