When pop lyrics apply directly to my life

When the lyrics apply to my life

When the lyrics apply to my life

I listen to music in the car and there is always that one line that just sticks in my head… which means when I am doing my life I will completely say those lines.

Even hanging out with friends we will sometimes say a lyrics from a song because the situation calls for it. Today this video just reminded me of myself!


The best part is how I’ll be a situation that is pretty serious but I’ve been hearing a song over and over, at the grocery store, in a restaurant, the gas station, a boutique, blasting out of someone else’s car, at the club! Last night I was getting ready to go to dinner & bae was saying, “Come on, it is JUST dinner! Who are you getting ready for??”

And I just say: I just wanna look good for you, good for you. Uh huh. Baby let me show you how glad I am to be yours.

Seriously, if he wants a take no time lady, they there but I am going to take 15 minutes because I might want to snapchat a selfie.

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24 thoughts on “When pop lyrics apply directly to my life

  1. Test.

  2. Love this! Great Post!

  3. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good read! Thank!

  5. tots2travel

    That video must have taken so much work, it’s great fun and I really admire how you’ve lined up actors, editing etc.

    • I know! It was like a music video about music! ha!

  6. Johanny Guillen-Casillas

    lol! I have found a couple of videos myself that reminds me of my life.

    • I do that as well and spend too much time on YouTube.

  7. Bianca Germ

    This is so funny and so true!

    • That guy hitting her with the steak is hysterical!

  8. Lori G. Hill-Smith

    What a fun post! It’s so true how we get lyrics that apply to our lives that just pop into our heads all of a sudden.

  9. Natalie Slater

    Lol it’s true, why can’t we just live in a musical of pop songs. Can you imagine…Awesomeness.

    • I would be dancing all the time!

  10. That video is too funny. And yes, we need those few extra minutes to get ready!

  11. Aww, I love Cassey!

    It’s so jarring when lyrics apply directly to my life. (I like it when it’s not the depressing heartbreak songs that I can relate to! 😛 )

    • Seriously, I used to make break up mixes – too emotional!

  12. Oh my that gal on the video has so much pep! She’s so funny. Thanks for the smiles for miles. Not sure if my life’s ever cool enough to be a pop song, more like on the Oldies station. Cute post!

    • Oldies stations are relevant as well. I am a major Dolly Parton fan.

  13. Bahahahaha. Love it!

  14. Jennyb

    I do that with Seinfeld episodes. There is usually one that applies to any situation.

  15. Ourlipsaremoving

    Cute video. I love pop music. I sung along the entire time. Do this again.

  16. The video is such a fun idea! 🙂

  17. Great idea. Songs are life. Lyrics are LIFE. MUSIC IS LIFE.

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