Who is Kim Kardashian’s big huge naked booty hurting?


Foto kiriman Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

I’m reading that someone from Hollywood, I don’t watch tv but heard it was an actress, said that Kay Kay was someone’s mother LIKE THAT WAS A BAD THING. As if suddenly being a mother means women shouldn’t be naked. If suddenly when a woman became a mother it automatically meant that she could no longer be sexy then a LOT of babies wouldn’t have been born after that first go around.

I grew up with a an extremely fashion forward mother and there were times as a child that I would just look at her and think, “Wow she really is confident! Can’t wait to grow up and be just like her.” Of course this photo is for the cover a magazine. If you have ever watch the reality show that Kay Kay is in you’ll know she is the most conservative person you’ve ever seen. This is a modeling pictures, she was a model to begin with – still is. I’m annoyed that anyone would say shit to anyone about what they choose to do. Everyone should always embrace their totally sexual goddess and fuck whatever someone else has to say about it. I kno w I do! I am not everyone’s ideal of hot but there only needs to be one person that likes me.

Whoever this person is saying that Kay Kay needs to feel shame or put on clothes needs to really focus on their own work and be someone that has a name that means something. (Ugh, yes, Kay Kay is a star known for being famous for being famous but it’s obvious the woman works and travels tirelessly.) I can’t stand when females want to tear down other woman. Plus we all know that this person spouting all this trash would be happy to have her butt crack on the cover a magazine – baby or not – and it just flat out being an asshole because she knows that the media wants to jump on any hate shit written on American’s Favorite Woman to Hate.

Now back to important topics. Booty! Plus thisperson looks like Kay Kay anyways. LOL


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