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January 2016 Goals

January Goals 2016 hydrosupralicked

Surrounded by my Atrium Obscurum friends last night was the perfect way for me to ring in 2016! I spent this past week visiting with dear friends who have moved to from Dallas so I went to Beauty Bar two nights in a row as well as finishing up year end financials for a consulting I work with. I had a busy week which meant I decided to end the night at 3 A.M.

Today I had a wonderful day with my close friend. We had a disappointing brunch at Vickery Park; burnt omelet, wrong eggs on their order, the side of lemons was served a dirty dish. Yet it was awesome to be able to watch the Rose Bowl Parade for the first time ever. I need to quit trying to act like a pub has good food. “Go to pub & drink!” I need this tattooed to my hand. This is officially the first New Year’s day in my adult life that I’ve been so productive! After lunch I had the pleasure of being invited to a sweat at the NAC in Red Oak, TX. I haven’t been to a sweat in an outdoor lodge since this past summer so I felt like this was the hottest sweat I’ve ever experienced. It was also wonderful to catch up with the family and regulars who I have not seen in some time. Sweating today was the perfect way for me to reset for 2016. Sending up prayers and being able to sing some songs I thought I had forgotten was the best part.

Balones (mashed plantan bananas), eggs, cafe and la playa. Happy hump day xo A photo posted by Foodie | Naturalist | Blogger (@allyfiesta) on


After we all enjoyed lunch, including black eyed peas, my mom sent me a picture of green bananas with one word: balones YES! Balones de verde is my most favorite snack! Typically balloons are fried but today we baked them. My mom had already bought chicharrones which puts this to the next level. As delicious as balones are they are simply not photogenic! I will have to figure out a way to dress this up.

Sweet Herbal Bath boiling on the stove

Sweet Herbal Bath boiling on the stove

How does one clean up after a sweat? They have a sweet herbal bath! This what I’m about to fall asleep again. I smell like apples & cinnamon.

I’m fresh and ready to tackle my 5 January goals. I decided to stay away from making broad New Year’s resolutions and break down: be grateful, increase fitness, blog more, learn new hoop dance techniques & make yoga a daily habit.

Journal twice a day I already journal either in the morning or in the evening but this month I want to journal twice. Over the summer I learned that I need to focus on being grateful. Just journaling ONCE a day about my gratitude has made me feel great and stay motivated. I am hoping reading this goal expands my happiness TWICE.

Track meals’ nutrition I have been repeatedly told that I need to track my macro nutrients for at least the past 5 years but I figure I assume that I am getting enough vegetables and fruit as well as estimating the exact sugar. I am committed to tracking with a nutrition with an app & I can also log in online.

Post 3 times a week This has to be my favorite since I’ve had it several times in 2015. The final two weeks of the year are always so busy that taking the time to sit down, write, edit, upload pictures was too much. Next year I need to embrace automation for the last week! However, I have several pending blogs so having 3 posts a week here will give me a strong start.

30/30 hula hoop challenge A hula hoop support group on Facebook has posted that is hosting a “hooping for 30 minutes a day for 30 days in January” challenge. I’m already DONE. It feels perfect to be back hooping again. As always, I look forward to seeing what other hooper are going to be doing by searching the #hoopingdotorg3030 hashtag.

A photo posted by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) on

January Yoga Challenge Kino Yoga & Beach Yoga Girl are hosting this Instagram challenge which will raise money for Twoloha, a non-profit movement to give help & hope to people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury or suicide.

What are you goals for January 2016? Did you make resolutions to work on the entire year? You can add your link to the Hodge Podge Moments’ party here

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When pop lyrics apply directly to my life

When the lyrics apply to my life

When the lyrics apply to my life

I listen to music in the car and there is always that one line that just sticks in my head… which means when I am doing my life I will completely say those lines.

Even hanging out with friends we will sometimes say a lyrics from a song because the situation calls for it. Today this video just reminded me of myself!


The best part is how I’ll be a situation that is pretty serious but I’ve been hearing a song over and over, at the grocery store, in a restaurant, the gas station, a boutique, blasting out of someone else’s car, at the club! Last night I was getting ready to go to dinner & bae was saying, “Come on, it is JUST dinner! Who are you getting ready for??”

And I just say: I just wanna look good for you, good for you. Uh huh. Baby let me show you how glad I am to be yours.

Seriously, if he wants a take no time lady, they there but I am going to take 15 minutes because I might want to snapchat a selfie.


Recap of Loadstar & free download from Optiv

Latina Friday night, Latina Monday morning!

The picture above describes my life right now. Excellent so I’m over my recovery Monday!

Major love to Zubin who took these awesome photos from Friday night! I spent time in front of the speaking throwing my hair back and forth over the course of the night. Wonderful upstairs, Sounds Like…event, with Left/Right & JWho djing. Sweet to be able to send off two friends as they leave Texas for a new chapter in life.

Two:ToneThe CrewBass Mafia

Facebook Loadstar photos
Posted by Zubin Ali on Sunday, September 27, 2015

I’m a huge fan of Snapchat, it comes in 2nd to Instagram. I took over the Two:Tone snapchat account for this event (follow: TwoToneDtx). Disappointed that some of the snaps were lost due to me not operating my phone (could happen I completely took advantage of the sick adult beverage selection at Wit’s End) or Snapchat just could NOT maintain all that bass.

Here is the video compilation from last Friday night at Wit’s End:

Got feedback from the Twitter:

And now ready for this next Thursday is Optiv from Cause for Concern.
Dallas EDM drum and bass Thursday night in Deep Ellum, Texas

This is your free download! I am training to be able to run a solid 3k and have just downloaded this to keep me motivated. Wishing you all a very bass-filled week.

free down drum and bass optiv

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Breaking Bass Tv #32 Lil Selectah

Enjoying this mix tonight. Wish I had more info on this dj was.


su na Minneapolis

su na – Hudson

Perfect for right now.


Leave it: Hacked e-mails and backing up.

Credit luxomedia: Paperwork Hell

Credit luxomedia: Paperwork Hell

I spent last month getting used to being a contract on multiple projects. Right now I am working with an urban farmer and a general contractor both part time. Neither is completely new their field or just starting out but both have no organization for data and I’ve been enjoying myself learning how to make an organization completely from scratch. Then today I decide to move around my personal files as I’m getting ready to tax time when I realize I’ve kept track of my expense by just tossing everything in my a drawer. Ugh.

I don’t focus on too many things or else I don’t do any of them. Today, I’ve been focused on updating my passwords on all my accounts. Over the weekend one of my e-mails were hacked and a fake Facebook page was created. It was extremely freaky to open my laptop and see a fake Facebook page and then see my gmail have over NINETY-NINE e-mails from Facebook with the Subject: Insert%Name wants to be your friend on Facebook. I. Lost. My. Shit.

First I don’t use Facebook with that e-mail. Then I saw the profile and it was a fake picture, I wish I would have been able to do a video screen capture of what was going on. I deleted the profile picture and then saw whoever made this fake account with my e-mail was on at the exact same time. What blew my mind was how many friend requests were being made. The picture was of a high school Latina and there were messages from teen boys about how pretty her picture was. I was like: I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I’m 30 years old! I even wrote them and said why they added me & someone typed in – while I was on – “Opps didn’t mean to send that.” I freaked out & started writing to Facebook’s help. It was extremely hard to think because I was freaking out that my e-mail had gotten hacked so I had to check all my e-mails, then my bank, then my REAL social media accounts. Finally I decided the only thing I could do was have that fake account deleted. I had no way of tracking who was doing it. No way of finding out how they got my e-mail information. I also had to completely wipe my laptops and phone. The entire process took me a whole day.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

Photo Cred: How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

I decided to review on how to make sure that I would be more in control of my online identity. I followed the directions from several sites. I also wanted to be able to make sure that if I logged in from multiple locations that I would get an alert for this. The video below explains this.

Any how, I am annoyed that I had to spend all day doing back up and deleting, however, it is a breath of relieve that I have backed up my files and didn’t lose my e-mail. DOING ALL THIS WHILE TRYING TO WATCH HOUSE OF CARDS?! Besides constantly updating passwords, do you have tips for keeping your accounts hack-free?

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Lick it: YouTube channel NCIFiRestArter’s Psy-Ambient Grove

Been on the (Google) alert for new downtempo and NCIFiRestArter’s Psy-Ambient Grove is a youtube channel that has gave me a great mix on Monday and today I have Bodo. Definitely follow this youtube channel for more downtempo. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

I went on a click spree and found this gem on Bodo’s sound cloud page. PERFECT WINTER WEATHER SOUNDS! I’m loving the natural sound-scapes in this one.


Check out more from Bodo on the Facebook.


Watch now: ISHI – Emotional Hard Drive (Official Video)

Single is available on band camp. Below is lyrics samples that stood out to me. Beware, today I’m having a major feels.


You say you don’t have anything to want

As you strut your stuff; looking so tough

I don’t buy it

You say you don’t have anything you want from me!

As you strut your stuff; looking so tough

I don’t buy it


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Watch this: Perfect Timing. Hooping by Caterina Suttin

First time in about a year that I’ve watched a hoop video and tried to break it down. This past month I’ve hooped a while FOUR days and it was because I was iced indoors. I’ve taken one workshop with Caterina Suttin and learned a slew of flares to add to my hooping. This is a colorful and fun video with four hoops that focus on off body with lots of double isolations. I am inspired!

Also the sound is PERFECT! A remix of Blackstreet’s No Diggity from Minimatic, the track can be bought at Minimatic’s bandcamp.


I like the way you work it!

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Watch now: LOL OF THE DAY!

Today someone was asking about old crews, venues and I totally went into my memory and was laughing at all the adventures I’ve had over music the past years. I was looking for a video of me dancing in 2003 and found this gem.

If you have EVER been to a SINGLE rave in your life you will understand…and probably watch this twice.


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