Lick it: Dancing Freedom Embodied Leadership with Lydia Hikari Marolda

Lydia at Rainbow Serpent Festival - Beaufort
Lydia at Rainbow Serpent Festival – Beaufort

Extremely excited about this weekend in Dallas, TX! Two reasons. I get to visit the brand new Divine Sight Healing Arts Center.

I have known Lydia for so long I’m not sure exactly when I met her. However, dancing with her on various dance floors in Texas makes this weekend extra special as she has moved to Australia. The first time I took her Dancing Freedom workshop was at Art Outside just before she moved away a couple years ago. Dancing has a very special place in my life as I have used that form of movement to wake up the parts of me that are human. Of course, I was like every little girl and took a dance class. I have gotten in the routine of sitting at a desk, spending less than an hour a day being physical and forget how to get in touch with my body. I know so many people that do this! That is why I enjoy hoop dancing so much! However, this type of dance is not to show at a recital. It an incredibly personal spirtual journey. It really is to “dance like no one is watching.” I was extremely disappointed to miss out on her workshop 2 weekends ago at Atrium Obscurum presents Bhaskara’s Wheel.

Lydia’s workshop is Friday June 27th from 7-10  3 hours on Friday $30 drop in for Friday only and Saturday June 28th from 11:30-6. $120 for both days. I asked what was going to happen on Saturday that the dance-shop was going to be over 5 hours long. Lydia replied: We are going DEEP. 


Event details from FB listing:

Embodied leadership is an exploration of what it means to dance fully in your power. Each and every one of us is born with the capacity to cause great change in our lives and the lives of others. Sometimes what stands in the way is our inability to listen to and share our truth. To be a true leader requires a commitment to know oneself and to live our heart’s purpose and passion fully.

In this dance-shop we will work with the power of the elements to activate our latent leadership potential. We will learn to make contact with the natural gifts and qualities we already possess and develop new ways to lead ourselves and others. We will invite in our visions and dreams by opening to the intelligence of our bodies. We will release, and remove obstacles on deep somatic and emotional levels so that we can reclaim the gifts we have to share.
Whenever we allow our gifts to come through our bodies and lead us forward we become beacons of inspiration, calling others towards their truth and their own embodied leadership.

Dancing Freedom is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice supporting the re-emergence of wholeness. We gather in ceremony to dance and move with the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The five Elements are the building blocks of our known world as well as alchemical keys to the mystery of divine co-creation. In learning to attune to the elements we can harmonize the inner and outer dimensions of our experience and open to the depths and mystery of the sacred dance of life. As we invoke these primordial forces, they awaken the dreamer/leader within who can assist us to create a deeper relationship to our Selves, others and our environment. We co-create a safe and supportive container to go within to retrieve and restore our inner connectivity so that we may become more fully expressed and functional agents of change in the world.

We layer dance, music, breath, intent, energy, prayer and mindfulness within a single practice for inspiration, liberation and participation. Dancing Freedom is an invitation to be more fully alive, to connect with your true purpose, and to know yourself as an emanation of spirit.

There is so much information about Dancing Freedom on the official website:

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