Lick it: Park Plaza Mural Project COMPLETED!

Took these pictures at the opening of the completed murals. It was wonderful to see all the work that was put in as well as get to meet the range of artists, who it was their first public to prolific artists, one I have already interviewed before!

I see this space being used by the community. I even decided to include MiMOSA’s Block Party in this flipgram because it’s block party space.

Arlington Proud will be doing more public space art projects & are open to ideas. I barely made it to the opening ceremony to hear Aaron Bickle talk about ideas that they want the public to suggest.

Arlington Proud is on Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr / Twitter

Can’t wait to see what other projects will happen! I went to James Bowie high for 3.5 years and spent time going to weeklies at Rack Daddies, Division One, Monte Carlos then a couple of warehouses from 1998 till 2003 so Arlington, Tx has a special place in my heart. I found out that FIVE people have gotten the Arlington Proud tattoo, even Mark Joeckel said he wanted one. I REALLY WANT AN ARLINGTON PROUD TATTOO and I always swore I would never get inked! This city was just a place that I have such great memories of working at Chicken Express & la Madeline on Cooper Street, walking home from my 1st day of high school, throwing all those parties on Lake Arlington, driving my red convertible in the summer, being in band/colorguard/jv cheerleading/tennis team, all those friends who all moved all over the world, just such a busy growing period of my life. Just a great day to be there this past Saturday.

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