Screw the 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness game

Pink washing is sick and disgusting way to have people believe they are doing something for the breasts of the sisters, mothers, daughters and female friends. Ugh, I loathe October already because I have to see those pink ribbons pretending they are actually make any difference for breast cancer. So instead of getting rid of products with known cancer causing ingredients we put a pink ribbon on it? Excuse me while I barf. Now there is a GAME on Facebook just in case you have never ever heard of cancer.

Only awareness here is we are trying to get drunk
Only awareness here is we are trying to get drunk

You should not have liked or commented.
Now you have to pick from one of these below and post it as your status. This is the 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness game. Don’t be a spoiled sport. Pick your poison from one of these and change your status:
1) Diarrhea again?
2) Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket.
3) How do you get rid of foot fungus?
4) No toilet paper, goodbye socks.
5) I think I’m in love with someone?
6) I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear.
7) It’s confirmed – I’m going to be a mommy/daddy.
8)I Just won $900 on a scratch card.
9) I am a lesbian.
10) I’m getting married.
Post with no explanations. sorry I fell for it too.
Looking for your post. Ahhh don’t ruin it.
(Don’t let the secret out either)
And remember it’s the 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness… got em now your turn.

I am here spending the summer in Ecuador because my mother has recovered from cancer & we want to spend time with our family. I am fully aware of cancer. My aunt had breast cancer. I was 9 years old when I found out that cancer is something that may require you to remove a breast. There should NOT be any kind of game for cancer awareness. I am not insulted nor offended but as soon as I saw that my comment on a random update was a G A M E for cancer awareness I just thought of everything I have been through as the daughter of a cancer patient. I just sat here and felt that this game would help nothing.

I like how some people say not to be a “spoil sport” and just play along on Facebook. I am not going make anyone’s life and their time spent in hospitals and the tears and all those emotions into a game. I am not sure if my mom will be 100% cancer free but the thought of her life being a game is such a strange thing to consider as a game.

One day she just said, “If I die, I die, it is okay.”

Standing with my mother at Rio de Atacames
Standing with my mother at Rio de Atacames

If you want to raise awareness for cancer it makes sense to boycott all products that contained known carcinogens. There are so many links on how to avoid cancer that probably ONE of those ways would be better than updating with some

Cancer awareness is not a game. Cancer is a part of the reality that some people have to live through. As a person who has a history of cancer on both sides of my family it is very clear and real that I do not need a game for awareness. Right now there are people who have loved one holding on to this world who really do not need any kind of game. It is their life or their death.

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  1. Missy

    My godmother has breast cancer and we feel the exact same way! Who the hell cares about the pink ribbon? Awareness on these products’ parts are just a ploy to make money I feel.

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Yes, the pink ribbon is a full blown marketing scam. October is a rough month because of it.

  2. Shann Eva

    Such a true and powerful post. The game on Facebook is in really bad taste. I hope your mother continues to get healthy.

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Thank you for the kind words. 🙂