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5 ways to get out of bad mood

5 ways to get out of bad mood

My weekend started off on an embarrassing note. I am taking a public speaking class and I did not ask how long the speech should last so I assumed it would be 5 minutes. I worked on the topic by adding jokes and inserted a video to highlight my topic and then I’m sitting in class when I hear it has to be 4 minutes. I almost die. I just want to get over with but I am the 2nd to last person. I sat in class listening to everyone’s awesome speeches, with funny videos and great powerpoint presentations. I absolutely hate comparing myself to anyone but here is the issues – I created my presentation in Google Slides but had to upload it as a PowerPoint and saw that the format had changed. I don’t care what anyone says – you can not save the file as a perfect PPT with the exact theme. Something is going to mess up. Trust me – I even had an issue using SmartArt so I had to go use a computer at school to fix it.

Google slides tip: to INSERT SmartArt, you have to use PowerPoint. So what is the point of using Google Slides to begin with? You can save it on the drive and no matter what you will never had to worry about forgetting your laptop or you computer not working – it is saved on Google Drive. I use about 4 different computers and will work on documents on all locations and never have to worry about my info.

Only issue was how I figured I could cut down on my time by talking really really fast. So I just rushed through everything & was embarrassed that I was speaking like an auctioneer.

By the time I got out of class, I was just in a terrible mood. Here is how I got my smile back come Sunday night.


1. FaceTime your best friend

After class I was able to FaceTime my best friend so she could get me to calm down and quit being embarrassed. She also lives in Mexico and I saw Hurricane Patricia was headed to were she was living. She is safe since the mountains there were stopping the impact. However, I saw that rain was still coming to Texas.

I found out that several of my friends going to both Something Wicked and Art Outside had major issues with the heavy rains in Texas this weekend. No, it wasn’t just wet. A train derailed, highways were closed and people went missing.

Last year Atrium Obscurum had to make the call last June when the rain forecast for the weekend long festival. It is NOT a major event, it a group of friends that does not have THOUSANDS of people but it was awesome we were able to secure a location in Dallas so it could happen. As much I was disappointed that we went from 3 days, 2 night to a single evening in a warehouse – I was happy to reunite to the rest of my friends.

It is rough going from outdoors but the deco crew managed to make it work as I set off announcements on my social media platforms that HEY WE GOING TO GET PSYCHEDELIC IN DALLAS ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Atrium Obscurum Wisdom of the Aegis

Wisdom of the Aegis

2. Go Out Dancing

Despite my full blown love of an outdoor event, I have a hard time saying no to a warehouse party. I stayed in Dallas Saturday night for a Proton Limited event. I have mass love for underground techno and Bon Spengler. So seeing that Greek techno dj, K.atou, would be headlining was a all I needed to resist staying in an listening to rain all night.

K.atou Janet Davis Athens Greece Techno

K.atou djing in Dallas, TX

3. Have bonding conversations

Better than dancing was being able to get have conversations with friends who I admire. I needed to vent, listen and bond with my friends. And it is TRUE – you need to bond with friends to handle life and have a serious conversation.

4. Get creative on Instagram

I took over the Show Your Blog Love instagram account on Sunday. View, comment & like my pictures!

I had a lot of fun deciding on how to insta-my day. I did not feel like taking a single selfie after I had partied the night/morning before but it was fun to show how I spend a Sunday. Blogger follow Show Your Blog Love, there will be a November Instagram challenge. Bloggers should join the Facebook group, while it is still small.

5. Have an awesome meal

My sweetheart & I decided to have brunch at Garden Cafe. This place is so utterly charming, both of us enjoy vegetable garden. I was going to post a picture of the chicken fried steak and eggs I had for breakfast but something are too hard to style before taking a picture so here is the awesome garden patio view.

Garden Cafe garden patio

Garden Cafe garden patio

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to not go back to sleep as we ran errands around town so I ended my weekend doing my favorite. Hula hooping! Yes, I was able to get back to my normal self by the time I laid down in bed on Sunday night. Best choices I ever make include dancing till the next day. I danced about 5 miles Saturday night – Sunday morning and took a lavender epsom salt bath. The weekends are such a wonderful place to recharge for the next week.


What did you do this weekend?