• Calling my bestie, taking a nap, canceling all plans – these things REALLY help me get out of a bad mood for sure!

  • DT

    Food and conversations do it for me 🙂 Sleeping too!
    — DT | Here I Scribble

  • Natalie Peters

    I’m sure it wasn’t as horrible as it felt! We have a way of judging ourselves harsher than the world around us does. But when I get in a funk, I also find that talking it out with friends helps calm me down and give me a better perspective. Physical exertion, such as walking, running, swimming, DANCING, and hoola hooping are great too. 🙂

    • For sure, that is why I’m glad I was able to step away and get my head clear.

  • Aww, sorry you were upset about your speech. But I’m sure you still did great. At lease you only thought it was supposed to be 1 minute longer…that could have been a lot worse! haha. I like your list a lot….number 5 is always a good way to make me feel better…great food!

    • Yes, I could have not shown up to class at all!

  • Cindy @HometownQueenBee

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Taylor Murrell

    Food always puts me in a better mood! Public Speaking can be the devil, have you thought about joining Toastmasters?

    • I have thought about joining toastmasters! I know there is a group in the Dallas area. Are you a member?

  • -Emily Stoik-

    I love these ideas- especially the personal connection ones…I find that helps me so much 🙂